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Proxima Direct 5M Oculus Quest Link Cable $39.09 Delivered @ Profits via Amazon AU


The Proxima Direct Fast Charging USB 3.1 Type-C Cable is made with high-quality materials to deliver maximum throughput, so you can take on a wide range of action-packed Oculus Rift games. Extra shielding protects the cable from signal interference to ensure a consistent and robust connection.

Features of Cable:

Ultra-High-Speed Syncing

Tested at over 1,500 Mbit/s Data Transfer Rate With Oculus Quest USB-C to USB-C(LINK SOFTWARE COMPATIBLE)

Increased Durability

PowerLine is reinforced with aramid fiber to give incredible strength. It boasts a bend lifespan over 5X higher than other USB cables.

Super Speed Output

Type C connector is the new design for USB 3.1;Bold wire core for increased durability and aesthetics.

Fast Sync & Charge

The USB-C dual screw locking connector will provide more reliable and secure mating mechanism for industrial and other user application.

Elbow design, easy to use

USB C 90 Degree Angle End so it doesn't stick out & is easy to use with the Quest VR headset.

Two thicker 24AWG wire cores are mounted in the aluminium housing, 56Ω pull-up resistor ensures the charging safety

When you use it

When you use it,you are no longer limited to Oculus Quest's fixed application games. Using it to connect your PC, you will open a new world.Also suitable for extended connection of USB device interfaces, such as USB devices, HD cameras, virtual reality VR, HiFi amp speakers, mobile hard drives, WIFI and other devices.

Here are some tips to help make our Oculus Quest Link cable work for you:

-Update your Oculus Software version to 1.44 or above and all other Drivers

-Disable PTC (Public Test Channel)

-Plug the USB A into the back of your computer directly to your motherboard (red slot) USB 3.1

-If you have audio issues go to device settings and enable the Quest headset

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