This was posted 2 years 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Penrite Outback Hardened 4x4 Petrol Engine Oil 10W-40 6 Litre $23.99 @ Supercheap Auto


Hi all. Long time reader, first time writer.
I found this oil on SCA website, went to my local store and it was not on Clearance.
Full price was $80 but they checked all details on the oil can (type of oil, p/n) and I bought it as advertised on the website for $24
ebay prices are also around $75-80.
looks like a good deal for $24.

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    Bloody hell there is so much marketing wank with engine oil!

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      I wonder if this is a marketing fail and people aren't buying it, hence the discount?

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    I thought I'd seen it all. Outback hardened. What the !?

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      Yeah they now have a storage facility in the Outback ;-P

      • No nancies work at that storage facility!

  • What gets me other than the outback marketing junk is who the Fk pays that retail price for semi synthetic oil.. omg …
    well not a hardened ozbargainers i can be sure of lol

  • Thanks OP. This seems good for my ancient petrol Prado, but it won't need oil for another year and I wasn't planning on taking it outback. Also I can get another 5% off by buying an SCA gift card with my Macquarie Account.

    I clicked on "check fitment" and it says this part doesn't fit the vehicle, but apparently 10W-40 Castrol Magnatec does fit. Not sure why?

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      I usually buy 15w-40 Castrol (when it's 50% off) for my Prado. This one was "on sale" with decent price so I bought it. Otherwise I'd go with Valvoline because it was on sale for $30
      Oil is just oil so I would never buy it for $40-$80 for some magic "hardening" :))

  • Rather buy Nulon, at least they dont need to come up with Marketing Terms like "Outback Hardened"

  • No stock anywhere near my current area or my rural area :(

  • The $80 is a joke surely but this price is decent enough for 6l.

    Seems to be the same spec (without the special "outback hardening") as this from REPCO @ "45% off" - 6l $30 :

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