MYOB: 50% off for 12 Months (Bunnings Powerpass Customers Only)


MYOB has partnered with Bunnings to save you time and money. Automate your Bunnings receipts when you link PowerPass with MYOB - get 50% off for 12 months and your first 30 days FREE.

PowerPass is Bunnings Warehouse's trade program, which offers 5% off most goods, and you only need an ABN to join for the PowerPass Cash Card (lower requirements for Apprentices and Owner/Builders).

You also get a lot of offers on tools and the like, plus the benefits of being able to deal with the Trade Desk, and the Trade Specialist at your disposal (inc. by email) which makes it handy if you're working on any big projects, and access to a wider range of landscaping products for order than found in your local store.

It also means a little less messing around in store, as with the PowerPass app you can check out and pay on your own without having to queue at the register, as well as full electronic receipts, price check, and location information.

To join, simply apply for PowerPass online, wait a few days for your membership to be confirmed, and you're away.

The only pain with the PowerPass app is that you need to be prepared for staff who don't know how to use their Android devices and their the Express Exit app to validate your purchase as you leave. But still can be a lot faster than the register, especially on the weekend.

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  • not available to those who already use myob :(

  • Not a bad deal, but still running an 8 yo version of account edge which does what I need (Has accounting really changed that much?) and use Payroller. The only thing I miss is auto statements and ability for staff to enter timesheets direct, but can't justify the $80 a month for xero or for Myob live.

    Would be reluctant to swap away from MYOB, but gee's some of their antics with the way they try to force existing customers to their live product….. a bit of a sour taste in the mouth

    • Yeah I'm still using the non-cloud version too - does me fine. Why would I want to pay hundreds per year for something I don't need?

      A year or so ago a company file stopped validating online. I called them up, got some dude who supposedly tried a few things at their end, didn't get it to validate, and told me it's end of life for the product and I needed to go live. I declined, called about a week later, got some pleasant sounding guy who sorted it out in 3 minutes.

  • IMO MYOB has lost the plot. Service stinks. Their products are ok but their pricing is not increasing in proportion to their offering when compared to the likes of Xero, reckon, quickbooks etc

  • MYOB sucks. They were the king of accounts 10-15 years ago. But provided very poor service and hardly updated the features or kept up to date with technology, I remember paying $675 for tax tables update (just employee tax rate update, if I could type in manually, it would have taken me 1-2mins, they disabled that function just so they can charge $675 to their customers every year). I am begging this deal so people don't get stuck with shitty company.

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