How Often Do You Replace Your Mattress?

I'm angry because I've only had my mattress for about 4 years and it's starting to sag in the middle (I weigh <70kg).

I spent $500 for a single size mattress, so definitely not budget but obviously not high-end either.

Dug up the receipt and see warranty is one year. Now I'm even more angry! Is there anything I can do?

What brands do you recommend that won't break the bank but will last?

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  • replace ??

  • 15yrs and still going fine.

  • All our mattress are from Sleeping Giant. The oldest & the first one we bought was 7yrs ago. Never wanted to experiment another brand. We've since bought 2 more, all going strong and never had a complaint, no sagging and is firm even around the edges.

    A&S Brand (Art & Science) - Gold+

  • As often as I replace gf

  • Hee Hee a quick look at the title and I thought it said How often do you replace your MISTRESS lol

  • A mattress that only has 1 year warranty? That seems very short? Should be at least 5 years or more (up to 25 years…although who's ever claimed that!?)?

    Although I've read you're not likely to get a warranty claim approved anyway, the fine print can be very specific.

  • Just cycle through all the bed-in-a-box free trials until you find one that you like. Maybe start here for some background.

    Doubles and Queens are often not much more than a single, so it might be time to get a bigger bed, ready for that significant other to walk into your life.

  • 70kg but how short are you? How many hours a day are you lying on it?

  • Average in my household is 5 years.

  • A good mattress should last minimum 10 years
    Some cheaper ones while they come with 10 year warranties usually are only good for maybe 7-8 years or so depending on the quality of the build.
    There are some affordable mattresses that while made overseas are still quite good. The issue tends to be how many coils/springs you get inside. For example an in house mattress pocket spring mattress for $999 might have 700 springs where are a $1500 sleepmaker will have over 1000 springs. This is going to lead to a much stronger base and less likelihood of sag etc.

    I have replied to your PM and am happy to help with any questions you have. Brands etc. even brands we don’t sell.

  • I think you're supposed to rotate your mattress every now and then, so suggest you at least do that. Won't fix your sag but might prevent it from getting worst

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      supposed to rotate your mattress

      And/or flip it as well.

    • Depends on the mattress. The instructions for the one I have specifically said 'no need to rotate or flip'

      IKEA mattress, the more expensive one. The previous one also started to sag on one side after about 7 years so I replaced it under warranty to the current one. It's been already another 7 years and no issues. And I'm close to 100kg.

  • All ours are from Regal and they're fantastic.

  • How are flippable mattresses constructed? I don't get it. The mattresses I've come across have a base layer of dense foam and/or springs which is not for sleeping on.

    • the thing to remember with a "flippable" mattress (Like Makin mattresses) is that the springs are designed to work on both sides so effectively giving half the support on each side.
      The technology in mattresses has come a long way and they focus the tech and support to one side of the mattress these days then add a comfort layer/pillow top to determine firmness etc

      the only thing you should need to do is rotate the mattress each time you change the sheets.

      • What do you think of Makin's latex mattresses?

        • Latex mattresses are good for those who like them
          I see Makin only offers a 5 year warranty on latex mattress (and the toppers) this is because they know they will sag.
          Its a side effect of Latex is it looses its shape relatively fast, the cost of latex means its not really a good value proposition imho.
          a lot of manufacturers use latex in their comfort layers and still offer 10 years etc.

          I should say at the outset regardless of what i do for a job I have issues with Makin and the spin they spout about the industry. They go out of their way to create a misconception about mattresses (obviously so they can sell more of their own) and push their flippable profuct. The reason they do this is because they sell a topper which you remove when you flip the mattress. This topper only has a 5 year warranty so the buyer looses out in the long run if they get sag etc. every traditional mattress manufacturer offers 10 years on the entire mattrees not just the base and honestly for the price Makin charge you would expect 10 years to be the standard.

  • Air mattress. Replace every 6-8 months for a refund, buy another. I've been doing this for over a year now. An air mattress is cool in summer and it can be adjusted for comfort.

  • One of the posters on another mattress topic had a suggestion which sounded intriguing to me. Get a mattress as firm as the floor, favoured by some Asians apparently, then put a latex topper on it. What do you think?

  • flip the matress every time you change the sheets.

  • Maybe your mattress sagged in the middle because your base is no good,
    get a matching set from a bedding store like Captain Snooze

  • Replacement times has to do with how long the mattress will last but also hygiene.
    How long it lasts depends on the materials and type of mattress as well - those with pillow-tops tend to not last as long, but are much softer and help if you have scoliosis, arthritis or actually any kind of pain.

    I've had my mattress longer than the recommended time, but get it cleaned regularly due to allergies.
    If you upgrade to a double/queen then you can alternate sleeping on each side which will extend the mattress life too.
    Best recommendation I had was use at home trial service or take a book/phone and literally lie on the bed for at least a few hours to try it out.
    Good luck!

  • Buy a Sleeping Duck.

  • Not sure if you've got one yet OP but I spent around 750 I think on a queen from OMF and my gosh, it's ruined every other bed I ever sleep in. So comfy, and it's as good as new about 6-7 years in.

    Will recommend though that everyone gets their mattress steam cleaned at least occasionally (I've done it once lol). It's not expensive and really helps with allergies and longevity of your mattress.

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