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[PC] Steam - Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition - $2.69 - Fanatical


This great price for a great classic is back.

First up, while it says on the website the game is for MacOS only you will get a Steam key and can play in Windows of course - the reason it only states MacOS is related to licensing.

You will get:

Build and manage the city of your dreams with the latest major installment of the SimCity franchise in SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition. With this Steam key, players will get access to franchise best-seller SimCity 4 as well as the all-new SimCity 4 Rush Hour Expansion Pack.

Create the most massive region of cities ever, with a farming town, bedroom community, high-tech commercial center, and industrial backbone. Take complete control of your city's transportation system, and solve U-Drive-It missions — from fighting crime to tackling disasters.

Head into God Mode to create the land on which your city will grow, and even create natural disasters like erupting volcanoes and tornados to test your city's resilience.

Watch your population skyrocket as you get your Sims on the go and create the ultimate living, breathing megalopolis — the most expansive SimCity 4 compilation ever.

Have the ultimate level of control over your city's transportation network by completely taking charge of roads, rail, air, waterways, and even vehicles. U-Drive It! missions will be presented for you to solve, such as chasing down a bank robber or apprehending a car-jacker.

Choose from all-new road types including wide-avenues, suspension bridges, or one-way streets, as well as map out seamless regional networks that whisk Sims from one city to another. Wreak havoc with all-new disasters including a UFO invasion, massive wrecks at railroad crossings, and the occasional car fender bender. There are also all-new tutorials available to help you get started.


  • Create an Entire Region of Cities — Weave together a tapestry of cities linked by a fully integrated transportation network and watch them share and compete for resources.
  • Wield God-like Powers — Sculpt the landscape to create a world based on your imagination, then summon volcanoes, tornadoes, meteors, and lightning.
  • Be a Responsive Mayor — Build a world-class city with stadiums, airports, universities, and real-world landmarks. - Deploy emergency vehicles and join in the action as they battle blazes, mobs, and more.
  • Get Insight from Your Sims — Read the rhythm of the city, from commuter hell to mellow cruising, noontime crowds to night-time calm.


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  • Sin. Sin City wasnt made for you….

  • good price given you dont have to deal with the cluster F of a launch.. im still so salty I cant bring myself to play it still despite paying full RRP day one

    • +2

      What happened at the launch of Sim City 4?

      • +2

        I can only assume they are referring to Sim City (2013) which from memory required an online connection for what people played as a single player title, and at launch the servers were so unreliable people couldn’t play at all.

        It and Diablo 3 launched within a year of each other and were both highly criticised at launch for having unnecessary online features and requirements, particularly for people not looking to play with others.

        Not aware of any Sim City 4 launch controversy.

        • +1

          oh crap wrong sim city lol

  • +1

    Can confirm it works on Windows… ironically Bootcamp Windows running on a Mac because Catalina doesn't run old apps.

    • Hard to believe arm macs won’t get bootcamp. Microsoft doesn’t even sell individual licenses for ARM windows.

      • +1

        Wouldn’t surprise me if MS uses this as an opportunity to push cloud hosted service such as Windows Virtual Desktop for the productivity crowd, and XCloud for gaming. They can avoid the issue entirely for a lot of scenarios then, but not all.

        Realistically a lot of the use cases for running Windows via Bootcamp won’t be met by an ARM version of Windows anyway so even if MS was to make that available, you’re looking at a niche group (can get by in ARM Windows) that are already within the niche of users that use Bootcamp.

        I’m interested to see if Parallels or VMWare can get a virtualised x86 running and performing remotely decent. For Parallels in particular it seems sort of make or break for their business.

    • +1

      According to this page it’s been patched in the past month to support OS that require 64 bit releases

      • +1

        No it's a different version. Aspyr purchased the Mac license to SimCity and a few other EA Games. They've since modified them to work with 64 bit only however these releases are only on the Mac App Store and are quite expensive… the Sim's City games are around $30 each.

        Versions for Mac on Origin or Steam are still the older 32 bit versions and won't work.

        • The link specifically mentions both the App Store and a Steam release as two seperate updates.

          *Update for May 20, 2020: SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition (Mac Steam) has received a 64-bit update and is now compatible with MacOS Catalina.

          *Update for February 19, 2020: The App Store version of SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition has received a 64-bit update and is now compatible with MacOS Catalina

          Aspyr is listed on the Steam product page.

        • I just bought it and yes it is Catalina compatible in Steam.

  • Cheers OP - I was on about this to my folks the other day when they were saying they could run the country better.

    So I've just bought it for them to see how they go on. Hopefully peace and quiet from here on in…

    In fact I believe playing this should be made compulsory in all schools.

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