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Acronis True Image 2018 for 1 Computer $15 + Delivery (Free Pick-up) @ Umart


Not sure if it is actually a good deal but considering Computer Alliance and Harvey Norman both sell this a $69 it seems pretty good.

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  • Tried the free WD version of this a few days back and could not get it to work. Think I'll give the also free CloneZilla a go next.

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      If that doesn't work, driveimageXML is an alternative for doing live windows drive backups.


      Or Easeus EaseUS Todo Backup (i found easy for cloning to SSD)

      • Simple to use. I cloned my hdd to ssd.

      • Thanks, I will give this a shot. It's a fairly complex clone on a Dell. I want to keep the recovery partitions, so had to clone these while expanding the C: partition in the middle. Acronis rebooted to EFI, tried to do the clone, and failed. I forget the error, but I tried a few times and gave up. Busy this week…

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    We use this to protect about 120 computers at work. Very solid product. Good deal.

    I tried to buy it, but it is a physical copy. So $10 delivery or you have to go in store to pick up.

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    Its a tad old isn't it considering after it came 2019 and now its 2020? I suppose doesn't matter as it will still do the job and as long as later features are not required.

    Umart were selling the Digital Card version for $1 back in 2018! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/383018

    • You can always subscribe to their beta program and get a copy for free I think it just started.

      • Been on that for a few months now. Dont use Acronis as main, (Shadowprotect is my preferred) but I test them. No method of creating Recovery ISO with the 2020 BETA from what I could find.
        Free copy expires once it comes out of Beta so not a permanent copy.

  • Wow this is weird. this popped up 30 seconds after i read about it on another forum.

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    I think there's a Seagate program made by acronis just renamed Seagate something, it's free to download and gives full/paid features of acronis.

    PS this program is really buggy, I had an issue where it would be stuck for more then 24hrs not showing any new progres of making an identical copy of my old hard drive to a new one (8tb to 10tb) but it was almost about to complete the task and just stuck there! After some reading I found out I wasn't the only one.

    So I went with the best free thing out there and it's fantastic, no problems at all, perfect 1:1 copy. I highly recommend to go with Macrium Reflect.

    • I think there's a Seagate program made by acronis just renamed Seagate something

      It's call Seagate DiscWizard

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      Macrium Reflect works for me too. Used recently to clone and upgrade to SSD.

  • Bought one on June 30 from Umart but have not received it yet.

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