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Kirkland Signature Organic Unsalted Cashews 2x 1.13kg $28.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Seems like a very decent price considering these are Organic cashews. Total of 2.26KG of cashews! Should be perfect for use in cooking, roasting (or just pigging out!) I hope someone finds this useful. Obligatory first post notification. Please let me know if something needs to be changed. They also have a similar mixed nuts (for $9 more) which seems decent as well.…

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    1centless than $29.

    • your maths is spot on, and so is your wittiness!

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        this joke made no cents for me

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    Packed in USA with imported cashews

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      so… made in prc?

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        Taiwan numba1

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          It really is.

          Taiwan is a great country. The people there are the nicest of any nation I’ve been to.

  • op i'm seeing $37.99 on the link

  • the link is for mixed nuts?

    Edit: this is the correct link and its for $28.99…

    • The "go to deal" link is correct, the link in the body is for the mixed nuts mentioned in the body.

  • Pass the salt 'n' pepper pls. Yummo.

  • Can you request delivery to a different address when you order from Costco?

    • I have - my membership address is still my parents place and I've gotten stuff delivered to my new address fine. Don't know if it helped that my credit card billing address is my new addy too though? Not sure if they even see that and match it up or anything

      • What's Costco delivery like in general? They never used to deliver.

        • It's pretty good, some items come from NSW.

        • The stuff I ordered the weekend was delivered by Wed or Thurs from memory (during Covid). I'm in metro Sydney though, can't remember where the packages came from. Got the automated Aus Post emails saying package is on the way and delivered etc

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    Seems like a very decent price considering these are Organic cashews.

    As opposed to Inorganic cashews?

    • Organic just uses different harmful chemicals.

      • Which chemicals exactly?

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            @jv: Context is everything, although I understand you were simply living up to your Ozb persona.
            You could have added oxygen, nitrogen, water…. All toxic in the wrong proportions as you know (cough), or when mismanaged by ignorant buffoons eg conservative politicians and your example. Good to see you've finally recognised the dangers of carbon pollution though.

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              @[Deactivated]: For those unaware, organic (essentially) means 'contains carbon'. All cashews (indeed all food) contain carbon, so all are organic. That's JV's point. The use of the word 'organic' is meaningless when applied to food - all food is organic.

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                @The Wololo Wombat: Context is everything Wombat, did I say that already? We all know what JV was suggesting, didn't need your brilliant elaboration although I'm sure it was new info for some Ozbargainers. JV was simply up to his usual online antics, whereas Dice was - or appeared to be - making (still) unsubstantiated claims about a particular field of farming.

                Contrary to your last sentence, the word organic when applied to food labels has a significant meaning in many countries. You have presumably heard of (certified) organic farming, the produce of which usually commands a premium and which is usually quite costly to set up and maintain? The label as we know is meaningless unless the production methods have been certified. These nuts claim to be USDA Organic certified. You might be interested in reading what that actually means here:

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    This is a good price for a two pack, just check the expiry date when you get them and use the one with the shortest expiry. In store, there's been at least a year variance between packs in the pile.

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    Very good price on Almonds — 2 x 1.36 Kg for 16.99$…

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      for 16.99$

      Why is the $ sign in the wrong place?

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        Because when you say verbally, it is always suffix 🤣🤣🤣

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          Because when you say verbally

          This is written, not verbal.

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    Any idea if it is online only price, or same in-store as well?

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    Just bought some organic cashews last night … 300g for $11

    therefore at the same price 2.26kg = $82.90

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      Calculating on my calculator, my calculations show you overpaid, yep. 🤔

  • Anyone having issues adding almonds to Cart? Says "Sorry, there is insufficient stock for your cart." - must be a pricing error that they have stopped allowing ppl to buy them ! Got the other ones (almonds and mixed nuts), still a reasonable price IMO.

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    If you watch on youtube how the India and Vietnam cashews are cleaned and peeled uually by prisoners, the grottiness will make you sick and never eat them again

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      Then I guess half restaurants in Australia use grotty prison nuts then? Yet here we are, and the world still turns.

      • yes they do and what you dont see they get away with

        • if you don't like eating them cos of their source then buy other nuts

          there will be other's who don't care

      • There are Australian grown alternatives (peanuts, almonds, macadamia, walnuts etc).

        Cashews are great but now that I'm learning about what could the odour is from the made in Vietnam cashews I'm less inclined to nibble Charlie's nuts.

        • Maybe cause Charlie's nuts added extra Agent Orange flavouring

          • @pinkybrain: No but they smell fishy (seriously - cashews from Vietnam and maybe other places too but only tried Vietnamese ones recently - smell like fish).

            • @Dice: where did you buy nuts from that are made in vietnam?
              also why would it smell like fish?

              I think they just process in a factory like normally
              unless it is some sort of preservative..or the reuse oil is used to roast it?


              I buy mine from Aldi but didn't check where was the source or made from..
              I will have a look next time…

              Also found this interesting


              • @pinkybrain: Aldi cashews are made in Vietnam. Also many nut/wholefoods stores stock made in Vietnam cashews.

                • @Dice: oic..
                  well I never noticed any fishy smell from the aldi cashews

                  where did you buy your cashews from that had the fish smell?

                  If you looked at my link
                  they say 60% are made in india
                  and I doubt the condition is any better than vietnam ones

                  they are all made in poor countries anyway

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      as if everything you eat, drink, use you know where are they from and how it is made.

      Come'on you are building immunity mate, no one died.

      • So basically, ignorance is bliss?

        Everyone is hypocritical on some level, but I feel like pointing out the little known yet shocking human rights abuses common within the industry is a perfectly valid point to make. It's not as if they were demanding you stopped purchasing them. Locking up thousands of alleged drug users, with no legal oversight, and using them as slave labour under dangerous conditions damaging to their health surely is bad enough to warrant mentioning?

        I don't know if you like being ignorant, but I personally prefer to be as well informed as practically possible. Not knowing everything about everything shouldn't mean you shouldn't bother learning anything about anything.

        I fully understand people getting annoyed by preachiness (that's kind of the point after all, to effectively shame you into changing your behaviour), but the outright hostility I often see on here just for being given information is pretty depressing.

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    Good deal. Thanks OP and welcome to OzBargain.

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      Thank you!

  • Now showing out of stock when trying to add to cart.

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    Pricing error? When you go to checkout it changes to $56.99

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    They just changed the price to $59.99c

  • OOS

    • It's showing in stock for me, but double the price.

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    Damn, just bought the same in store for 29 each

    This is raw cashew, so you can roast this and it tastes much better roasted.

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    Definitely a pricing error. Let's see how Costco handles their first OZB test…

    • Agree

      • They seem to have honored it. Mine is already marked as shipped!

        • Mine too, but perhaps we will receive only 1 pack, which is what I'm preparing for…

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    Shipping Status: Shipped yay!

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    Received yesterday -2 boxes. Expiry date is 09/11/2020.

    • Received with the same expiry date.

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    Received today, also 2 boxes! Costco came through

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