How Are You Going to Manage without The 7/11 Fuel Lock App?

I'm very annoyed that 7/11 have overhauled the whole app and changed the system requirements to Android V9.

I am quite content using my 2 year old China phone running Android v8.0 and have no intention to upgrade. It's not an old phone and can run virtually any other current app on the market.

I will be sourcing my fuel mostly from Independents who are usually cheaper than the big players. I may also source some shop-a-docket petrol discounts, but I'm really not a big ColesWorth customer.

I will NOT be using 7/11 to fill my car.

How is everybody else managing without the app?

Poll Options

  • 67
    My cutting edge phone runs the new app fine :)
  • 1
    I plan to upgrade my phone soon to run the new app
  • 19
    I have no plans to upgrade my phone and will seek out alternatives to 7/11 fuel lock

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