Samsung 628L Top Mount Fridge - Black Stainless Steel $1199 (Was $1499) Free C&C @ Harvey Norman


Big Fridge, Decent Price! (if you don't mind a top mount), 4 Star Energy Rated.

Keep your perishables at their best for longer with the help of the Samsung 628L Top Mount Fridge. Featuring dedicated shelves, adjustable freezer settings, and a dedicated cooling system for each compartment, it’s the definitive addition to the busy family home.
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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • We have a double-door in black stainless steel from Samsung. It looks fantastic, and I was surprised at how good the outer finish is; very smooth, yet does not attract finger prints at all. It is also very quiet.

    The only gripe I have with it is that despite it being ~700L (a measure which manufacturers are allowed to measure any which way they want, turns out), its usable space is not as good as the 600L Westinghouse it replaced. It has fewer shelves/drawers, fewer pockets in the door, and the door pockets are silly-deep. It is also necessary to open the door at least about 130° to be able to pull out the vegetable drawers. Judging by the photos, this fridge has similar "issues".

    You may want to check it out in-store to see if you are happy with how you would have to organise your stuff, though apparently the lack of shelves/drawers is a more common issue nowadays, shared by other brands too. After all, it's not how big it is, it's how you use it.

    • double door as in french door? I had one as well and whilst larger, you can't fit much insider. Standard top mount is more practical even though it doesn't look as nice.

  • i was going to buy this yesterday however staff at HN said it will not fit through a normal standard door (~80cm). The delivery man can uninstall the door and bring it in and re-assemble but will cost you another $150…. I ended up going with the smaller 525L after realising the fridge size is the same but smaller freezer. I have a freezer bin so was okay with the smaller model

    • Bought this from the Samsung EPP store for $950. It has been quite good, but I agree with the comments above about how it doesn't use the space cleverly. For example, I ended up buying an additional shelf ($38) to make better use of the cavernous freezer - it only comes with one shelf despite having space for (and needing) two.

      I just took the door off myself while the delivery guys waited and then reattached it once they brought the fridge inside.

      Quick and easy to do if you have the right tools, but I can see why this puts some people off.

  • Warning check whether this will fit through the door. This model is most commonly returned upon delivery.

  • i was looking for this fridge but in silver …..$1199 doesn’t seem dazzling price as that is what good guys and jb offer when in store plus delivery …..