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[PS4, XB1] Control $49 (Save $20) @ JB Hi-Fi


For anyone who is after a physical copy. Not sure how much longer it will be on sale for.

PS4: link

Xbox One: link

PS4 Digital: PlayStation Store ($29.95)

Xbox Digital: (Gold required for discount) Microsoft Store ($44.97)

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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  • Be aware this game is also getting released on the upcoming PS5/xbox series X which will more than likely include the dlc.

    • you think its worth holding out, I know there was performance issues on PS4 when it first got released but hopefully they were fixed?

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        Possibly, depends on how badly you want to play it now. The new release with assumed dlc will probably cost more and be back to normal price for a new release. This game should theoretically work on the new systems though as those are suppose to be backwards compatible.

    • Thanks for that. I'll hold out and get it all in one pack.
      I bought it second hand (even then its holding a high price) played through the game and then sold it on, but now I hear its got some great DLC was looking to get it again because I liked it so much.

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      No guarantee that it'll have a physical release on the new console gen though.

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        Whats that got to do with letting people be aware that another release is coming?

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          well there's lots of people like me who refuse to buy digital out of principal

          if this is the only chance to get a physical copy i'd rather get it now

    • Thanks I've added it to the post.

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        It's also $45 on Xbox digital for Gold members.

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        Thanks OP

  • Is this similar to Quantum Break?

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    Another PSA - out on Steam on 27 August after its year or however long as an EGS exclusive.

    Sorry to hijack the thread OP, looks to be a solid price for this on console, it's retained its value pretty well relative to other games that came out around the same time.

  • Is there much DLC? I just picked up a copy from JB and it is randomly Region 2 - I'm worried I'll run into online issues….

    • There are 2 DLC expansions but only one of them is even out yet. There was a small free update as well. First DLC 'The Foundation' was pretty good too :)