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Sony WH-CH510W Wireless Headphones $79, Sony in-Ear Headphones MDR-EX155APW $17 @ David Jones


Sony WHCH510W wireless headphone for $79. At Sony is $129, but you can request for price match and combine it with $50 voucher (add few more stuff tp reach $100). Black colour is also available for same price.

Sony in-ear headphone MDREX155APW for $17. Sony sales it for more than $50 but they can't match it. Other colours also available at DJ.

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David Jones
David Jones


  • I picked these up on sale for $59 at JB a few months ago, then they appeared at Aldi for $39. I went looking for another pair a week or so ago and they were about $130 everywhere, including Big W. What a wild ride!

    • Yeah I saw them advertised at Aldi, I didnt think much of it until I wanted an overhead pair for watching Tv at night and by then they were $129 elsewhere.
      Found mine at the post shop for $59, so other ones might have them laying around

  • Just ordered my wf1000xm3 yesterday pricing matching ebay deal at $267. This deal would have been better for me. :(

    • Normally they will exclude marketplace for price match

    • How are these better than what you got? You bought noise-cancelling earbuds. These are just headphones with no noise-cancelling

      • Ya but i actually don't need 1 noise cancelling bud. I just want to spend the money and use the voucher.

    • What you price match from ebay to which store..?

      • This: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/548300

        but you're actually just asked to enter a price. so they won't go and check and verify. Just give your best offer.

        • but that's price is without the code or with code?? and they won't verify really??

          • @MotorHead: Without the code. I believe that they will verify, but you can gove it ago. No harm.

          • @MotorHead: They don't know that you have the promo code.

            This is how it works:
            1. Go to the item you want, select price match
            2. Enter the price that you saw and where you saw it (in store or online). They don't ask you to enter URL like ebay or amazon. I entered online.
            3. Enter your contact details.

            Someone from the sony team will then call back and ask you to create an account, and then they will add the item to your call at the price match price.

            And when you checkout, enter the $50 promo code you receive.

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              @wongjy12: My experience is different. I have an account and have the code in my email address, request price match and kept rejected. So I rang them and they said I cannot speak to them nor transfer the call to whoever rejected the request. Then they asked why I don't just buy from DJ, so I told them I would like to use the voucher. They said that is probably why. So I ask them if I have a different email address and other detail, they will approve? They said yes. So I did then voila, approved. Then I created new account and then apply the code. Winning. I should try nwxt time to put any price without shop name and see if it works.

  • 50 dollar voucher??

  • If anyone is keen to get one, other option is Ebay @ https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/254589077918 for $69

    • Yep, if you don't have the voucher. Tried to price match with Sony, they rejected it.

  • Not gonna use my $50 voucher. Happy to send it to whoever PMs me first. Expires today so please only PM if you know what you’re going to buy.

  • Anyone got any review of the in-ear $17headphones?

    • I have a pair for work meetings; nothing to write home about. Does the job. $17 is a pretty good price considering they’re normally $54.95

  • WHCH510W has now backed up to $129. Be quick for the $17 one if you want to purchase it.

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