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12 X 500ml Monster Energy Drink, Lewis Hamilton Edition $13.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 spend) @ Amazon AU


Tends to sell out pretty quick with limited availability. Something something drink in moderation something something ten words.

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  • Does it taste like Lewis…?

    if it doesn't, i don't want it >:[

  • cheers , always grab when whey they are restocked .

  • Leis Hamilton brand is trash

  • Just in time for Hamilton: The Musical

  • OP, you were 1 word off.

  • bought 6

  • I don't think Lewis Hamilton drinks any of this shite

    • It's all branding and marketing.

      Just like the world of F1. 😬

      Remember when they had Marlboro-sponsored McLaren's and Camel Lotus cars ?

      For those who arent 'old', those were the 80's and 90's era of F1.

  • Everyone I see who drinks this garbage has a bumbag and a mullet.

  • I only just got into energy drinks as I don't drink coffee and need a pick-me-up these days to keep me awake at work.
    I tried the usual suspects , Red Bull, V, Monster, Mother etc but they mostly taste like shit. I'm currently drinking Monster Ultra Zero which is actually not bad, it reminds me of the flavour of Smirnoff Ice, a bit lemony. I even add a shot of Vodka from time to time for an extra kick :)

    So the question for Energy Drink fans is, which brands/flavours have the mildest/least offensive taste? Prefer no sugar if possible.

    • I saw Aldi have a few new $1 varieties.

    • I find the monster juice one to be pretty good, it's got the day of the dead type art on it.
      Tastes kinda like extra fizzy juice

    • Try tea if you don't like coffee, similar caffeine levels?

    • Monster Ultra Zero is THE BEST. I've tried all of the energy drinks and nothing comes close to the white monster (can i even say that in this day & age?)

      Have you tried?:
      Monster Mule (black with gold/silver can - ginger beer, lime)
      Monster Pipeline Punch (pink can - passionfruit, orange, guava)
      They're both pretty good, but LOADED with sugar.. and no, I'm not sponsored but heck it would be nice!

      • white monster (can i even say that in this day & age?)

        Only if you mention Black Monster in the same comment

    • I'm not an energy drink expert, so this is my subjective opinion.

      With energy drinks, I prefer the no sugar varieties (which has the artificial sweeteners instead).

      My picks are (in no particular order):

      • Red Bull Zero (grey/silver can)
      • V Tropical sugar free (purple band on can)
      • Monster Ultra Zero (white can)

      I stock up whenever they're at 50% off from the two main grocers. Only drink occasionally as I also drink coffee and tea everyday.

      It's not good to get adrenal fatigue. 😬

    • I'm the same, but like the sugary ones the most, like Rockstar Guava, Mother Passionfruit and Epic Swell, Monster Pipeline Punch and Mango Loco and V Blue.

      If you want variety you'll need to look away from big supermarkets, although their ranges are getting better. My local IGA has pretty much everything!

      For sugar free, I recommend:
      - Monster Zeros: there are actually other flavours of Zero (Absolute Zero is a black/blue can), usually only sold in convenience stores and servos. They had a green can zero flavour that was kinda lime flavoured, not sure if it's still available?
      - Rockstar Ice, comes in Silver Can, kinda has a lime flavour?
      - Aldi sugarfree tropical

      The drinks in this deal are actually low in sugar (around 500kj for the can), which makes them a bit tastier, and there are a few others like them, Rockstar Beach Blend (white can), another tropical white can, and a blueberry silver can.

      I don't drink coffee or tea, and if I'm going to drink something other than water it may as well have some energy in it as an office worker!
      I know way too much about energy drinks :p

      • The Monster sugar frees are also called "Ultra" and theres a green (Ultra Paradise) and an orange (Ultra Sunrise).
        The other low sugar Rockstar is called Island Fruit.

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