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Kobo Libra H2O 7" eReader (Black) $219 + Delivery ($0 C&C /In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


I have been looking for an e-reader lately and found the Kobo on special at JB Hi-Fi. Got one today from my local store.

My quick review after a day's use: Like the 7 inch screen & the thick bezel on one side with physical buttons. I personally found it very good to hold with the thick bezel. The 7" screen is pretty good.

Kobo has inbuilt support for OverDrive which allows you to borrow ebooks from your local library. I was able to connect to my local library and borrow books. Don't need to buy books :-).

It is also waterproof.

Kobo also has a Sketch Pad as a beta feature if you are interested. (You need to activate developer mode.) I have used Nook & Kindle previously and I like the Kobo Libra best so far. The extra 1 inch adds to the reading experience.

Harvey Norman also has it on special for $218 but it's delivery only at an extra cost.

NOTE: Don't forget to buy JB Hi-Fi gift cards beforehand from Suncorp for 5% additional discount.

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  • $215.95 at BookTopia + Shipping. Maybe able to price match

  • Kindle paperwhite user for a few years now, and can't see how thick = good. On the paperwhite you just touch the side of the screen and it turns the page, you touch a word and it gives you the oedictionary meaning. Unless this thing is better for graphic novels somehow, ie it allows you to bring up the images one by one like they work on your phone, then I'd recommend the paperwhite.

    • The thick bezel is good if you read for 3+ hours per stint.

      Paperwhite, and older kobos etc are really only easily held at the bottom, and even though theyre light, after hours they start to fatigue.

      Also, kobo does the same tap to turn, tap to dictionary.

    • Try that thick once and I'm sure you'll like it. It is much much easier to hold the device on that thick part.

      Regarding the size of the screen, imho, 7" is still small. If you are reading novels, then 6" is fine. But reading pdf files is different. I used a paperwhite (6") for 4 years, then I have a Kobo 8". Never look back.

    • Sorry if my comment was confusing. The Kobo has both physical buttons and touchscreen. You can touch on the side of the screen to turn pages and touch word for dictionary. I read in one of the reviews that it works well with manga and comics but I did not check it yet.

    • Along with what everyone has said, it also has auto rotate so you can switch to your other hand without fuss. It can read the open source epub format for all the open source and royalty free books.

      Best of all it has the Pocket web extension which downloads web articles to read later, and I've found it bypasses most paywalls.

  • Kobo has inbuilt support for OverDrive by which you can loan ebooks from your local library. I was able to connect to my local library and loan books. Don't need to buy books :-).

    I have older Kobo can I also do that? Which local/state are you referring to, and what are the steps to register and borrow?

    • I registered to Greater Dandenong library (Victoria) this morning. They have online registration available now due to COVID-19. Once I got the library membership I created a OverDrive account on my Kobo and used my library username and pin to connect & borrow books.

      Not sure if this feature is available in older Kobo models. You can check by going into "Settings" and look for OverDrive.

      • I have a 2016 version. Overdrive is there.
        I tried with libraries in Victoria (Hobsons Bay/ Wyndham) as well as some others in NSW. All work.
        However, the ebook catalogues are usually not the same as the paper ones.

      • Mine is touch, way too old and doesn't have overdrive

  • Kobo updated the firmware and now support dropbox

  • Couple of questions for the users please:
    1. Can I change front light colour to Sepia? My Kindle Paper White doesn’t have this
    2. Is there a way to read Kindle books on this? TIA.

    • 1- Yes. Kobo call it ComfortLight PRO – Adjustable colour temperature. I have this device and love this feature.
      2- Yes, you can do it but it’s not straightforward but not very difficult either. Google your question. You’ll find the solution.

  • If you need more than 8GB, maybe Clara HD is better since you can easily upgrade the storage with a microSD card. This one is soldered on.

    • Stupid question but can the microSD on the libra be d-soldered or its not possible at all with the Libra?

      • haha, not sure. I know for sure claraHD is using a microSD as storage. You will still need to open the back panel and migrate the data (google is your friend) but it is definitely not hard to do.

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