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7-Eleven Epic Wednesday $1 Snack Sausage Roll, $2 Oak Milk 600mL, $3 Beef Pie


Found in store today, didn't realise it was only 2 OAK flavors but I will give peppermint and a pie for $5 a go.

$1 EPIC deals include one of:

54g Cadbury Marble Medium Bar or
7-Eleven Snack Sausage Roll

$2 EPIC deals include one of:
600mL OAK Fantales & 600mL OAK Peppermint Crisp or
90g CC's & Cheezels varieties
$3 EPIC deals include one of our 7-Eleven Slow Cooked Beek Pie or 7-Eleven Chicken and Leek Pie

Range may vary by store. These EPIC deals are available for ONE DAY only on Wednesday 1st July 2020. While Stocks last.

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  • +5

    Good luck with the new app.hopeless.

    • Yep can't even log in - thankfully don't need it for these

      • Oh that's good because I can't login either. Thought it's just me.
        Tried to uninstall and reinstall app many times on phone but still gives me "Bad Request" message under auth.7eleven.com.au when I clicked Sign In or Register.

    • +1

      It's so bad I just avoid going to 7/11.
      Before, I only went 7/11.

      Hope they see this.

  • +5

    New app sucks.

  • +1

    Slow cooked beek pie sound tasty

    • +1

      I had one as a freebie last year and it was decent.

      Will try the chicken pie tomorrow. 👍

      $3 Pie, $1 Cadbury bar and a $1 small coffee. 😋

    • Beek definition, to bask or warm in the sunshine or before a fireplace, stove, or bonfire.

      tbh I'd take that for $3 rn

    • Wish they would do a beek and leek

  • Probably, we can all put 1 star to their new app so that they would get the message?

  • Do i need to scan my card

    • went in today, no need to

  • They lost my $85 because they can’t find my account.

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