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Logitech K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard $39 @ JB Hi-Fi ($37.05 via Officeworks Price Beat)


Logitech K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard $39 @ JB Hi-Fi.
Price beat by Office Works - $37.05

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  • Just fyi, as low as $17 yeah that's crazy and many times at around $24, 29

  • I got it at $19 at officeworks for use with a media pc and xbox and ps4. Mainly for just typing passwords in and chat. Its not even worth that money. The keyboard is so horrible to type on compared to something basic like the Microsoft Keyboard 600. It might be the worst keyboard ive come across, even with the unbranded ones.

    • I had the same experience, one of the worst keyboards I've used!

    • Remember to update the firmware. Before that it could missing some typing when it wake up from sleeping. After the update, I have no issue at all. I used it for work and home daily over 1 year.

    • Agreed, can't stand this keyboard. Incredibly hard to type on, not due to the firmware but incredibly poor design.

  • I have been using this keyboard while working from home and I think it is not that bad. I actually quite like its feel. The keys are a bit soft to type, I always miss the 'e' at the beginning but just need some time to get used to it. It is not too low profile but I feel comfortable to type on but dont think it is good for gaming though.

    I like it you can switch to type on different devices by just pressing one key, better then using KVM.

  • Bought one 2 months ago from Umart for $37. This was to have a Logitech unifying keyboard to match with the cheap $15 Logitech M510 unifying mouse from another Harvey Norman deal.

    Not a great keyboard, but similar to my old Logitech K120. Sizing similar to K120 but key feel/touch is worse. Probably the best ‘cheap’ multi-connection (unifying/Bluetooth) keyboard, just be aware that some of the other cheap Logitech ones are not full size or don’t have Bluetooth.

    Was good for switching between computer/ipad, but probably frustrating using it for 8 hours per day.

  • Can anyone advise if this keyboard has a similar feel to a Logitech K270 keyboard?

  • Absolute rubbish. Bought one, returned it within 20min. The keyboard was bent and wobbly out of the box, and the keys are super mushy. The one I got was outright not screwed together properly.

    Guess I'll have to stick to a USB hub with a cheaper but better wired keyboard with my surface

  • Was about to settle for this kb until i saw this…
    Anyone have an alternative multi device keyboard recommendation that has both USB and bluetooth connectivity?

    Edit: ones i seem to find either have the usb dongle or bluetooth but not both.