Philips HD9630/21 Premium Airfryer XXL White $299.00 (RRP $429.00) @ MYER


Cheapest elsewhere is $350.00 at Harvey Norman and Bing Lee. Everywhere else is $380+

Maximum taste, minimum fat

Crispy taste, reduces fat others leave behind

The Philips Airfryer uses hot air to fry your favourite food with little or no added oil. New Fat Removal technology is designed to extract and capture fat from the food, making this the healthiest way to fry for you and your family.

The healthiest way to fry

Fat Removal technology separates and captures excess fat
Rapid Air technology for delicious crispier results
Fry with little or no oil

Designed for your daily cooking

XXL family size fits a whole chicken or 1.4 kg of fries
1.5 times faster than an oven*
QuickClean and dishwasher-safe for all removable parts

Variety of cooking possibilities

Fry. Bake. Grill. Roast. And even reheat.
Hundreds of recipes in app and free recipe book included

There is also the small model Twin TurboStar Airfryer White HD9721/21 at $249.00

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  • I love these. Id but another.. But mine works fine. Hah

  • Store in title

  • How does this compare to the bigger 11L ooven air fryers?
    Like this one?

    • Dem kogans straight again

    • A good quality air fryer generally provides better heat distribution, faster heating, and less wasted energy as more heat is trapped inside.

    • I have the 11L from Kogan.

      This one states ' 1.4 kg of fries' is highly inaccurate because if you do 1.4Kg, some chips will end up soggy or undercooked.
      I can barely get 2 handfull on the 11L to cook properly at 200C

      • Ok that's not good. Even if you use the rotation cage?
        Other then chips does it do other things well?

        • I bought the rotation cage separately as it's not included. But yeah I could only find a small cage, big enough for a slice of bread kind of size.
          I've done duck breast (2 pieces), whole chicken with rottiserie skewer, wings (around 10 pieces).
          I've heard how incredible pork crackle is on it, but haven't tried yet.
          I use it a lot for sweet potato and normal fries

  • I am just here for Kmart ones comments. thanks

  • +35 votes

    XXL family size

    XXL families should eat more fruit & veg instead…

  • According to youtube, this is not different to your normal convection oven… just saying..

    • It is. Heats up in under five minutes. Cooks food in the time my oven even heats up. My experience anyway.

    • So I held off from the air fryer cult for years with this same argument. But here's the thing. I've never used a domestic convection oven with the airflow of even a cheap air fryer. I've used commercial convection ovens that can, but we're talking many thousands of $$$.

      I bought the $50 Woolworths air fryer a month ago and I'm converted. I can get the same kind of results out of that thing that I'd expect a commercial combination oven to deliver. On a much smaller scale obviously.

      Now I consider it to be comparable to a good rice cooker. It's not strictly necessary, you can achieve the same results using conventional methods. But the airfryer is so much more convenient. If I want to have a dozen chicken nuggets I just chuck them in the basket and hit go. No preheating, no flipping. 10 minutes from pulling them out of the freezer and they're on a plate and super crispy. Never mind the energy savings. Now I'm considering buying a high end one like this Philips.

      tl;dr Chef and former air fryer skeptic converted by $50 air fryer.

      • Look at the cuisinart benchtop oven/griller combos, that's what I'm eyeing off. There are ones (the ones that have been around for decades) have been retrofitted to be air fryers now.

  • Same price at amazon au but only 1 left in stock if anyone is interested.

  • just an element and a fan, hardly any insulation and not efficient. spend 79 not 300.
    edit: sorry this one has "Rapid Air Technology" or a big fan.

    • as per one of the previous comments asking about Kmart version …. there doesn't seem to be game chnager tech in these things, it's just physical size, and benefit is it heats up quicker than an oven due to smaller size ….

    • Odd, my old man has 'rapid air technology' too…

  • I recently sold my original Philips Airfryer (HD9225)
    and changed to the Healthy Choice AF1200 (bought via eBay Plus $99 offer)

    Been pretty satisfied with it
    A few advantages of the AF1200 vs Philips

    • Glass Window with inner light to see the cooking status
      (Philips are all enclosed)

    • Have trays, Rotisserie and the rolling baskets which is really good to cook different types of food
      (Philips is one big basket and food are stacked, so those touching parts like chips are not crispy as hot air cannot pass through)

    • Definitely much larger space
      (My Philips one only have 800g basket, XXL will be different tho)

    • That's a great price when did you get that. I just got the Kogan one for $129 plus $19 for 3 years warranty.
      I wanted to cook bad smelling stuff out side and these 12L ovens look great.

  • Any good deal on the digital XXL ones?

  • I have this, it is great, but just a warning to those who purchase. You have to seal in the numbers on the dial as they rub off very easily within weeks. Phillips said I could do a warranty claim but I have just caught it just before they rubbed off completely and sealed them on with a clear nail polish remover. This is it's only downfall, our family uses it mostly everyday for the past year. I just used it to cook corn fritters it took 12 minutes.

  • The cheap ones aren't easy to clean - designed to fail perhaps? Our disgusting Aldi one was gross when we tossed it out.

    This Phillips one disassembles nicely and all parts that matter go into the dishwasher

    The temperature gauge print on the front is wickedly easy to remove.

  • Bought this for $224 back in Jan, it's great but can confirm that the numbers do rub off, not a deal breaker for me as I guesstimate my cooking anyway. Would buy another one if the price comes down to what i paid.

  • Can someone please explain to me why all these air-fryer are made from plastic?
    As in,how the combination of plastic and high heat is supposed to be safe for food ?
    Genuine question…please don’t shoot me

    • The outside doesn't get hot though? It's not plastic inside.

    • They're generally plastic on the outside and metal lined on the inside with some insulation so the heat is well trapped inside. That way you get less heat loss so lower energy usage and less chance the plastic will melt. You can test this pretty well by running the air fryer and touching the outside plastic. It'll usually get warm but nowhere near the temperature you have on the side. Keep your hands away from the back vent though.

    • I had the exact same concern (also the non-stick coating under high heat was another concern) but I still wanted an airfryer haha. So I decided to go with the Sunbeam Multi-function Oven + Air Fryer when Myer had it on sale about a month ago. So far so good. It's slightly bulkier than the average air-fryer, but overall very impressed!

  • dammit, already bought Tefal Ultimate Fry Deluxe Airfryer for $300 at Harvey.

  • Whats the max temp on this thing?

  • Is this online only

    Edit : In store too. Bought one at Eastgarden plenty stock on shelf. Combined with 40 dollar voucher and 54 cba awards points :) thx op

  • Can anyone advise the benefit of this $300 device over a convection/fan forced oven?

    I have a fan forced oven which does a great job, the only advantage I can see is it might heat up quicker and use less power (but on the other hand it has less capacity.

    Those advantages are lost against an all in one convection microwave however, and $300 has you most of the way to a device which will also microwave and grill (and is probably stainless steel and easier to clean to boot). I bought a Panasonic model for my office and have been pretty happy with that to quickly defrost, cook and then crisp most items I would consider putting in an air fryer.

    So I can maybe see the point of a cheap air fryer? (if you don't have a fan forced oven, or don't need a new microwave/grill). But overall just don't get it, certainly at this price point.

  • my 2c.

    This one at $300 is a rip off.

    The Kogan 11L one is much bigger and cheaper.
    Also buttons don't rub off like this one does.

    Also it states 1.4KG of fries. I very much highly doubt that. You end up with soggy or undercooked fries.

  • Out of stock when I try to check out.

  • Back in stock

  • Back in stock! Yay!
    Mod - I can’t post unless I check that I’m associated with this store, which I am not.

  • Bought one after seeing it back in stock this morning!

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