Nvidia SHIELD TV Pro 16GB 4K Streaming Media Player $369, Nvidia Shield 2019 $249 Shipped @ Shopping Express


Normal version $249 inc free freight also.

See https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/Nvidia-shield-TV-Pro-4K-2...

Normal Price is $289.95 / $399.95 and rarely goes on sale.

Purchased just now. Limit 2.

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      Much faster, better picture, better sound, more powerful, more storage, better support, better for games, networking, etc. VTV is a very good basic box for the price, while the Shield is for enthusiasts and home theatre buffs who want auto frame rate matching, excellent upscaling, Dolby Vision, Atmos etc for high quality output and processing power to handle anything.

      A more relevant question is what is the difference between this and the Apple TV.

      • Concur about Kodi, you need like a science degree to add a source from your network.

        • I've found Kodi easy to setup and intuitive to use. No issues with network shares except in the Xbox One version where it wont let me browse my network. Having to type in the shared path was a PITA

          Through Android TV, PC and a Raspberry Pi it was as simple as clicking add a location, then browsing my network and adding the folder.

          It has been over 15 years with XBMC and now Kodi though. Has been my go to media player since the Homebrew app on the Original Xbox. So maybe not intuitive so much as familiar.

  • if you're looking for a ShieldTV, this is the best price. Shield has awesome upscaling technology that seems to work really well.

    I've bought it for a laser projector. Also has Dolby Vision and Atmos, and Gaming.

  • The Pro version was out of stock in the past few weeks, hopefully there will be more deals on it from now on.

  • So glad that I bought mine back when it cost $208 imported to Aus from Amazon US.

  • Anyone local selling the new Shield remote? It works with the earlier models, and is cheap to buy from Nvidia, but they don't ship here.

    It's USD$29.99, but I can't find any local options below AUD$100.

  • Has anyone got one of these and been able to side load Foxtel Go on it? If so was easy enough to do, and is the user experience alright? I'm sick of using my old laptop to watch Foxtel Go on the TV.

  • Has anyone paired this with a TV tuner and have it set up 'smoothly'? I'm meaning like 'Live Channels' seamless set up, like in Voda TV.

  • I got the pro on preiovus harvey norman deal @ $350 + delivery. It works great (plex server etc).

    Any one have any issues w/ shopping express? they reliable?

  • tempted to upgrade my 2017 for the upscaling….

  • thanks, great deal!

  • Would this allow me to add additional storage and have it act like a PVR, like those who have a Foxtel IQ box?

    I have a Plex server but it doesn't have a tv tuner and/or easy access to an aerial connection to do it.

    • @kirt may be able to answer this better, but my understanding is that with Plex Pass and a HDHomerun this could be achieved.

      • Correct. Or use the internet m3u with the links above.

      • That's my setup, recording to a SD card on the Shield TV; the TV guide from www.xmltv.net updates nightly on the Plex Server and has been working well. I had issues with signal quality initially as HDHomeRun is more sensitive than my previous Topfield PVR but that's sorted. Just note that the HDHomeRun needs a wired ethernet connection. The Shield works fine over wireless 5G but I connected both to a switch in the end. I only committed to Plex after they revamped the TV guide, which is now great. I now use Plex on the Shield to play media from my NAS too, and have no more need for Kodi.

  • couldnt resist. Thanks Op

  • Can someone give me a tldr of why I should get one of these over an apple tv? Just bought a nice new hisense q8 but want to avoid the software they have.

    • Advantages of Shield over Apple TV - expandable storage, audio passthrough, superior remote, better app support (eg: Foxtel, Kodi, HDHomerun), better Plex experience (supports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, AI upscaling, has resolution switching, can run Plex server), better upscaling, supports interactive Netflix content, YouTube 4k, inbuilt ChromeCast, true 24fps, 30fps, and 60fps support etc:


    • Infuse Pro app + Apple TV 4K= win. No need to run a Plex server just point it at a NAS share and you’re good to go. YouTube 4K supported on TvOS 14. Apple TV cheaper.

      • Same thing really with the Shield….just an extra step having to sideload the Plex Media Server, once it's up, set and forget.

        I run PMS on the Shield, and point it to my SMB share on my NAS.

        Works perfectly, even for 4K stuff, all over wifi.

    • Do you own mostly Android or Apple?

  • For a hot second I thought this was a TV with nvidia shield software/features built in. Weird naming choice, but I guess Apple TV is the same and I didn't think that was an actual TV either…
    Just waxing philosophical here… Thanks OP.

  • Feels like a lot considering I paid like $180 for my 2017 shield, basically equivalent to the Pro.

    • My 2017 Shield still working fine - no reason to upgrade other than to replace the Shield Remote when it is available locally at a reasonable price.

      • I am tempted by the apparently excellent 4k AI upscaling, but that alone isn't worth the price.

  • Cheaper to import a 4k firestick from states.

    • AU prime doesn't work on US 4k firestick- you have to sideload it and then the sideloaded app doesn't output atmos, etc. Shield also supports atmos on Netflix as does ATV 4k, firestick doesn't.

  • Apart from the smaller size, wouldn't an Xbox One X be a better deal? It can stream but also play 4K discs. It can even stream games to a PC.

    • Wow, you're right.
      I was thinking of the original Nvidia Shield TV which was around like $150-$200 (if memory serves) and that was a fair price. This new 2019 Pro model doesn't really add anything new that's worth upgrading, so I'm a little shocked that they've chosen to price this $400+ rrp. Whilst the Xbox One X has been at the $600 price for a very long time, I don't know how I missed seeing all those deals (blinders?). Yeah, the XB1X has dropped in price to around $350-$400.

      Between a $400 Xbox One X, and a $350 Nvidia Shield TV Pro… the Xbox is cheaper.
      Heck, even a $190 Used PS4 can service as a streaming box!

  • Does it apply to their ebay store?

  • I cant get Pro to hook up with my NAS, very frustrated :(

    • Weird. I didn't have to do anything to get my QNAP NAS working. Just fed Kodi the sources from it and done.

    • What's the issue? Did you mount the share?

      • Found the issue, it was to do with how I configure SMB in my Pi, i used to configure as docker, but when I get rid of docker and set it up within the Pi, everything works fine :) Took me while to sort it out as there were no error messages.

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