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Nvidia Shield 2019 $239 + Delivery (Free Pickup) @ Umart Online


Normal price is $289.95 RRP.

$50 off saving.

Ends in 7 days or while stock lasts.

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  • I still got the 2015 model. I can't believe NVIDIA hasn't increased performance in these boxes over 4 years with 3 generations.
    I really want to upgrade but no point.

    • That's right, the only thing it has over the others is the AI upscaling and that isn't enough to warrant an upgrade.

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      Go the Pro bro - more ram, faster CPU, AI upscaling, HDR+, Dolby Vision, Atmos, and a better remote than your 2015. Go on, you want to upgrade, you know you do, your 2015 is not the best anymore. :)

      • The 2015 model already supports ,(non-DV) HDR and Atmos.

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          HDR only, not HDR+, and passthrough only not decoding for Atmos

      • Lol the issue is I don't have tv with HDR yet(planning to with series X), I don't have Atmos speakers and I can purchase the remote separately.

        The only thing I will gain is AI upscaling.

    • Yeah I have the 2017 pro and multitasking was better there.

      As soon as I start another app, it shuts the previous one straight away because of the limited ram.

      But I appreciate ai upscaling and Dolby vision.

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    Wow. Has anyone bought anything from Fishpond.com.au before. I was searching for Vodafone TV on Gumtree and this add came up so I took a look. What an overpriced listing it's on Fishpond


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      That's nearly 3x the actual price from vodafone. What a ripoff!

    • I use to get games from there when they were drop shippers from Uk, when our dollar wasnt so bad.

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      Just get vodafone tv box from Vodafone free delivery,$72 I got 2 few weeks ago. Fyi

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    don't buy from this guys the delivery is ridicilously slow. but if you have to, just pay with paypal (surcharge applied) just incase you want to cancel like mine. see their fb page comments.

    • Yeah, they won't accept any of my cards via online. No idea why there won't allow card payment for pickup like computer alliances. So been shopping there during covid because umart say it in stock still takes 3 day for available for pick while computer alliances is only couples of hours after order is placed.

      • I went through the same issue. Bought a laptop from CA and got pickup with an hour. Bought monitors from Umart, got pickup 3 days later despite being 'in stock' at the store (Milton).

    • Anywhere else have this price? Or can we price match somewhere?

  • Can you watch Apple TV + on this?

  • Smart TV with this seems a wasteful purchase… But I have not seen 60"+ monitors without any brains. Are they possible to get?

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      Smart TV's aren't as powerful and don't have the app store that this will. Among countless other things.

      • You misunderstand what I write. I do not want to buy a smart TV instead of Shield. I rather say that smart TV with this is unnecessary. But where does one get a good monitor (non smart TV), that's my question.

        • I'm well aware what you said.

          No manufacturer is going to build a dumb TV these days.

          As far as monitors, no such thing exists at that size.

          Biggest monitors are around 49 Ultrawide or 43 standard. Unless you want one of them stupid BFGDs.

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      Smart TV doesn't even have gigabyte lan ports. So streaming local 4K content from NAS is going to be chocking on 100/10. I still haven't really find decent smart TV OS and performances under 2k. All the menu still lags or doesn't support certain playback of content or ads.

      • mini pc on your tv way to go for streaming - sadly intel lagged on implementing hdr let alone plus , so 4k at 60 expensive all round - shield is a rip at current pricing. 1080 is very good at cheap price all in one.

        • How much are mini PCs then? Why not an original Shield if you're not concerned with HDR+?

          • @notout50: got 1 shield - looking for another device - mini pc cheapest allround price performance

  • Can anyone suggest the use case for these for someone with a smart TV + Chromecast Ultra? I'm able to stream downloaded mkv's from VLC on my phone no worries, and all other major streaming apps are built into the TV.

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      No, I personally would get Vodafone tv box.

      I truly given up on chromecast at this stage, it has many issues playing back HEVC content or anything with fancy audio.

      • The upcoming Google dongle offers some hope of a much-improved device.

        • Yup that's what I'm waiting for and I don't think it's that far off. Maybe that's why these seem to have gone on sale everywhere? Nvidia shifting as many as they can before Google launch.

        • My two cents - I have multiple CCs and a Voda and I'm still contemplating getting the shield. Streaming sport to the CC is pretty terrible tbh. Voda box doesn't have Kayo support although you can side load it plus it has physical remote control.

          I've heard great things about the Shield plus you can play you Steam games from your pc. So for someone like me with a PC and a theatre room, it maybe a good option. Each to their own and everyone's circumstances will differ.

          • @notout50: I have a shield on my main TV, replacing a custom made HTPC. They are fantastic. It's my second TVs Mibox I want to replace and I can't justify the cost of another shield, hence I'm hoping the rumours of a Google Android TV device (as opposed to just a new Chromecast with a remote) is what I'm waiting on.

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    Picked up one at Harvey Norman for $250, factored on delivery and beat by $1

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      $239 with Free Shipping at PC Byte

      • Cheers - heading to HN tomorrow then!

        • Better call them. Only 2 HN stores in Sydney had stock.

  • Damn got it for $260 delivered two weeks ago which is probably similar to this maybe slightly less

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