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Virgin Australia Happy Hour: BNE <> SYD $99, SYD <> ADL $119, PER <> SYD $199 and More


Virgin Australia happy hour is back, with flights from $69 one way.

Virgin includes checked luggage, food on selected flights, snacks and drinks, and movies.

Finishes tonight!

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Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia


  • Hey, Virgin Australia,
    Please go back to being the no-frills airline you were at launch.
    Heck, even bring the old name back - Virgin Blue - loved that brand more than the current
    Had a Virgin Velocity credit card with the curved bottom right corner, when they launched many years ago.

    • Here come the OzB shredders
      You can’t even say anything on here
      Comment neg police

      • And on OzBargain technically we should want a budget/bargain airline?

        I don't get why Virgin/Qantas are supposed to be that much better than TT/JQ. It's still 6 abreast and the 737 cabin is actually narrower than in the A320!

        Virgin flights to Bali were slower than the Jetstar Dreamliner. And the 787 has better cabin pressure, higher humidity and bigger windows.

        In this case the neg police are deluded.

    • Please go back to being the no-frills airline you were at launch.

      Tiger airlines is owned by Virgin, so if you're after 'no frills' Virgin, then fly Tiger. Same goes for JetStar, it's just 'no frills' Qantas.

  • MEL-MEL Route? Where they let travel addicts go through the process and drive around the apron for an hour while experiencing all the in-flight comforts. Or fly Tulamarine to Avalon and back…

  • Seems strange to me, MEL -> BNE travel dates are 13th July to the 31st of August… so a cheap airfare coupled with a mandatory $3000 hotel quarantine?

    • Yeah interesting, given Queensland is opening its borders again on July 10…but not to Victoria. I guess if you NEED to get back though it's useful. And some essential travellers still need flights.

    • Do you have to pay the $3000?

      • Yep, from midday tomorrow anyone that has been in Victoria that enters QLD has to do a mandatory 2 week hotel quarantine at their own expense, I think I read it is $2800

  • ARGH. Just booked a return flight yesterday with Jetstar because the Virgin flights were double the cost. The same flights I looked at on Virgin yesterday are now on sale cheaper than Jetstar :(

  • These one way sales are a scam…

    • You'll find it's the same price for both one way fares - no scam.

      It's just listed one way so you don't have to buy a return (or could buy a triangle, or multi-stop route if you want).

      • Yea ok I concede it's the same price in those date ranges but $398 return from Perth to Sydney during off peak season (I won't even mention covid or quarantine) is an ok price at best. Definitely not a bargain though.

  • Second wave sponsored by people who have to go on holiday

  • Are the taxes and fees always this much!?!?

  • are they going to refund or provide flight credits to those cancelled flights previously ?

  • The flights are one way because once you go you can't come back (without quarantine).

  • Hmm nothing for Sunshine Coast. Airport here still closed.

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