Cuisinart FCT-10 French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless 10-Piece Cookware Set $516.72 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Just noticed the 'Made in France' version of the Cuisinart MCP set I posted earlier going pretty cheap. I guess this is for people want to say their cookware is 'Made in France' instead of Made in China. This set doesn't have the easy pour rims that the MCP series does. According to CCC this is the lowest this set has been in their search range.

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  • i wont totally trust anything made in france unless its croissants and baguettes

  • Lol. They are meant to know their food though! Actually about to post another thing I found as their 8 inch skillet is going cheap and my All clad D5 frypan is trapping water and grease between the handle and pan which is annoying.

  • People: why are our shelves empty?! Why is everything from china?

    Also people: only buys stuff from China

    Also my folks are currently using pots/pans they've had for 40years. Good quality steel and well made. I'll take every opportunity for 'buy once' and go with European/Australian/us made gear.

  • It's not made in France, it's the Cuisinart pattern , handle has a sharper upward angle similar to French copper cookware …..

    In regards to lifespan, it's stainless steel, will last your lifetime unless you boil it dry, or don't keep it clean ….. reason I tend to upgrade is better designs become available, e.g welded handles so easier to clean, rounded internal corners so can get whisk inside easier, etc.

    • I bought a (knowingly disposable) stainless steel pot from kmart. Pitting corrosion within about a week of use =P unfortunately not all stainless is created equal.

  • I've got the French Classic Tri-Ply Saute Pan and that has Made in France written on the base. I would have thought all the pieces in the French Classic range would be made in France? Never ordered this set personally so don't know 100% for sure. The Amazon description has 'imported from France' but yeah, that could mean they aren't made there.


    Says it is Made in France on the Amazon US site but am curious if anyone actually has ordered one of these and can confirm this?

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