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Earn 10,000 flybuys Points with $50-$400 Spend Per Week for 4 Weeks @ Coles


Received an email from Coles FlyBuys about this deal. Seems to be targeted. For me it is $70 spend per week.

WEEK 1: Fri 3 Jul to Sun 12 Jul 2020

WEEK 2: Mon 13 Jul to Sun 19 Jul 2020

WEEK 3: Mon 20 Jul to Sun 26 Jul 2020

WEEK 4: Mon 27 Jul to Sun 2 Aug 2020

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  • $100 for me. I rarely spend more than about $40 a week at Coles, so that's a big nope from me.

  • $70 and $90. Are they having a laugh? I'll have to skip this one.

    • …what? Most people/families would hit $70/$90 weekly pretty easily on their shops?

      • I find it difficult to get to $50 each week (for 2 people).

        Most Coles fruit and vegetables are overpriced so I obtain them elsewhere.

        I've moved my bakery purchases elsewhere.

        I haven't purchased meat from a supermarket for quite a while.

        So that only leaves packaged (tinned stuff, chips, pasta and rice), dairy (milk and cheese) and frozen (ice cream and desserts).

        • Fair enough then! I think the whole point of their promotion is to get you into Coles to do your whole shop though, but the 10,000 points probably isn't worth it for your situation.

        • Very very wise.
          Coles & Woolies fruit and veg are simply terrible. Old food that has been kept in cold storage for months and months.
          Greengrocer is 100% the way to go. Fresher and cheaper

  • $110 and only got the email for 1 account sad face

  • 150 per week for me

  • $170 for me…but I stopped buying at Coles & it has dropped from $280,

    Lots of work for $50

  • $260 a week for us! But they now allow multiple shops per week at least!

  • have stopped scanning my card completely and down from $170/week spend to $100 over multiple now - might use this one

  • I Got,

    Collect 10,000 BONUS POINTS or $50 OFF your shop
    Spend $130 in one shop at Coles, each week for 4 weeks!

    DOUBLE your reward by spending $180 in one shop at Coles, each week for 4 weeks instead!

    • I got 150 in one shop for 20000 or 200 in one shop for double - 40000. Could be buying a lot of soup, laundry liquid and shampoo in the next month.

  • $140 per week for me. They are dreaming. I used to get between $50 and $80 spend offers.

    • Same, bumped up to $140. Previous offers were around $80/90 which I chose not to activate. $70 is my limit and I mostly buy items on specials.

  • damn, i have to spend $310 a week. I need to stop shopping at Coles :(

  • I'm $320 pw at least its multiple transactions now for me!

    Might have to switch to 2 cards to bring it down

  • Just checked, $60 spend per week, thanks!

    • $60 spend in one shop per week. Thanks Coles and a good occasion to take a break LOL

  • $120 for me. Not happening.

  • $270 for me. No way I'll be doing that for 4 weeks.

  • Just checked, $60 spend multiple shops per week, thanks!

  • Why the whine? They can choose not to give this offer.
    If you like it take it, if you don't just leave it.

  • I got $50 a week over one or multiple shops.
    First time I got one over multiple shops, have they done this before?

  • $400 a week in multiple shops for me!!! Highest spend threshold they have ever given me and not one we will reach.

  • $300 a week for me. I’ve never spent anything close to that in one week .

  • $100/week in 1 or multiple shops for us. Thanks but no thanks.

  • $60 a week for me, I'm happy with that!

  • I was always on $50-$60 a week flybuys deal, but a couple f week ago, I purchased twice the $100 Prepaid visa card deal for 2000 bonus points. And probably because of that, they have increased my spend to $110 per weeks for 4 weeks :

  • Got $50, pretty much stopped shopping there ages ago, save for last week had a 2,000 point offer on one spend.

    Much prior to that it was always $70-$100 over 4 weeks to get 10k points

  • $90 for me, can't seem to get it any lower than $80

  • I think they gave up on me. Nothing by email or in my account. I haven’t scanned since virgin fell, done a couple eBay deliveries though.

  • I got $50 on one and $60 on another account. Nothing on 5 other family accounts. These 2 have not been used since 199 March. These have been scarce for a while. Pretty happy, will do both and stock up in case they stop again.

  • $50 for me but I usually top up my Opal card with it. Nowadays I WFH so little use for Opal card topups. I can always buy toilet paper but don't want the dirty looks from fellow shoppers ;-)

  • I have too many points. They never send me deals any more

  • 50$ each week and multiple shopping, maybe good for me as I started going to Costco , so they want me back.

  • $60 multiple for me, might actually use it this time

  • $210 for me, no love.

  • $130 in multiple shops .. have to give this a skip to bring it down

  • It's with multiple shops, so don't have to shop big in one go. Quite innovative!

  • $80 multiple shopping for each week here, and I live by myself, so no deal here. Will wait until they offer me the $50 per week spend again. Woolies, Aldi, IGA & Foodland, here I come.

  • Is that possible to pay with FB dollar to clear weekly spending target?

  • https://imgur.com/a/ixxXaOn

    "Collect 10,000 BONUS POINTS. Spend $400 in one OR multiple shops at Coles, each week for 4 weeks!"

    10k bonus points = $50 in flybuys dollars - but I would have to spend at least $1,600 real money. No thanks.

  • Today picked up my order for the 1st week needing $50 spend. The two most expensive items were out of stock and I was charged just under $24 out of the $50.70 order. Will need to ring them to make sure I will still qualify before I do the other 3 weeks. I cannot even go and spend more as it was to be done in one shop. In the past this sort of shortfall still qualified but recently Woolworths has started stating "Qualifying amount is the final amount charged to you (i.e. after deductions for any out of stock items)." Just hope Coles is not going to follow suit.

  • Anyone had their giftcards count as spend. First time ever I’ve seen it happen.

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