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Hootenanny 48 Cans 2017 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 250ml $59.99 Delivered from Just Wines ($34.99 for New Members)


Went to buy these from this eBay deal posted earlier (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/549231) but it was OOS.
Turns out it was a blessing in disguise, I found them for the same price on https://justwines.com.au/

If you're a new member and follow a referral link you get $25 off your first order.

Worked out to $49 + $10.99 shipping - $25 referral bonus for a grand total of only $34.99 ($33.77 after cashback)

70c a can or $2.11 per 750ml - can't even buy goon bladders that cheap!

Edit: Looks like they're back in stock on eBay, but if you're a new member it's still cheaper buying direct from JustWines
Edit2: The party is over, JustWines have been ozbargained. No codes seem to be working anymore. Let me know if anything changes.

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20% off for referrer. $25 off first order for referee.

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    Went to buy these from this eBay deal posted earlier (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/549231) but it was OOS.

    Back in Stock now.

  • +1

    Wine tastes superior from a can.

    • +1

      I’m not sure I believe that.

      Anyone who has tried these willing to comment on taste and drinking experience?

      Can’t be worse than drinking out of a goon bag.

      • +3

        I legit work on a wine panel that deals with a lot of this stuff, the product is fine, it just wasn't for us due to the format.

    • +1

      In a can… for when you need to slamm them down fast..

    • I guess it isn't uncanny then

      ^^ Worst joke you would have heard within (at least) the last week - The joke doesn't even make proper sense

  • -1

    Unfortunately $99 minimum spend for $25 off. No deal.

    • Not for me. I only bought one case and checked out successfully using the referral code.
      https://justwines.com.au/invite-friends mentions no minimum spend.

      • Yep saw this later. Candy25 on the referral, not the new user reward, as others have said.

  • -1

    I believe its $99 minimum order.? - Use the Code FIRST25 and get $25 off your order of $99 or more

  • Maybe a silly question. But how do you use referral link and cashback at the same time?

    • +2

      Click on the referral code and copy the code rather than clicking shop now. Then go to just wines via cash rewards. Not sure if cash back will work with referral code but worth a try. Even if it doesn't I just got 48 cans for $34. Bargain!

    • I just clicked through the referral, created an account, then clicked through cashrewards before adding to my cart.
      Hasn't tracked yet so it might not work, fingers crossed.

      • Thanks.

      • +1

        I used your referral code!

        • Can I have the referral link?

  • Ok thanks.

  • +1

    Great deal thanks OP!

  • +1

    Thanks op. Got 1 at eBay but then couldn’t resist this one :)

  • I got a headache just reading this….. imagine what the wine will do

  • +8

    Thanks OP I placed an order thinking that these cans would be very handy for cooking.
    e.g. open a 70c can, use 50-100ml for cooking and drink the rest of it without damaging your liver and your pocket
    instead of: Open a $10-15 750ml bottle, start drinking before cooking, finish the bottle=drunk=no dinner cooked= spend $$ for Uber Eats :)

    • +1

      You've been to my house, haven't you :p

  • No codes seem to be working

    • +6

      Try 25CANDY (CANDY25 didnt work for me)

  • +1

    Site is struggling. May be getting ozbargained!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Picked a case up! eBay deal wouldn't post to Tasmania! :)

  • Mine came in at $33.99 using 25CANDY. Hope it's drinkable.

  • +1

    Nice work. Picked up some with your referral code OP :)

  • +1

    Back in stock, $33.99 using 25CANDY. Paid using Amex and got an additional $5 OFF!

    • What Amex offer are you referring to?

      • I think it is the Shop small offer, spend $10 or more, get $5 back

        • Yep. I used my Amex and received the $5 off. $28.99 delivered. Bargain!

      • Yes, Amex shop small.

  • 25CANDY worked just now. $33.99 delivered. Cheers!

  • omg its spreading

  • Grabbed one. Thanks op

  • Excellent, 25CANDY worked. As others have said, this will be great for cooking.

  • $15.90 for shipping to TAS

  • I bought this on ebay yesterday, damit, then went to there site from a link in the email they sent to check the price in there. I just got an email from them stating that I had stuff in my basket and if I click the link I get a free bottle of Pinot Noir. So I bought another case of this stuff, for the free bottle… I hope its ok.. :-)

    • Be careful that the free bottle wasn't because you signed up to their membership for $90/ year.
      Think that's the only way you get the free bottle.

      • No mention of that and only charged $33.99..

        • We’re giving you a bottle of $25-worth Tyrrell’s Stomping Ground Pinot Noir 2018—for FREE!

        Simply click the green Finish Your Purchase button above & this shall add a free bottle of the red to your cart! You will not be charged for this Pinot Noir, it's a gift from us to you.

        • Lucky you I never got a free bottle.

          • +1

            @CitizenCane: Cart abandonment. You have to fill in your details and abandon cart… Oh boy these guys are loosing big. Hope they can survive

            • @plague69: Cheers for the tip.
              Yeah. Hopefully the get some repeat customers caus I can't see how they can be making money on this deal.

            • @plague69: I didn't fill in any details when I went to their site to check the price, they must have got my details from the ebay purchase.. No idea how that all came about. They just sent me another $20 voucher code that can be used monthly.. Think I'll have to unsub from the newsletter as its already getting ugly..

  • Has anyone received an update to their order passed being placed?

    • Ignore me. I just got an update

  • +3

    25CANDY / CANDY25 no longer working, might've missed the boat on this one :( Anyone got an updated referrer discount code for the $25 off?

    • +1

      Yep. Unfortunately referral codes don't work anymore.

  • +2

    Got mine yesterday - it's not too bad.. With nearly 100 cans of this stuff, count me out for dry July.. :-)

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