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[VIC] Cavendish Bananas $0.99/kg @ Woolworths Prahran


Not sure if this is only at Prahran. For some reason Coles Prahran has no bananas at all.

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    Yes, we have no bananas.

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      Cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon.




    not this price in Woolworths Bayswater


      2.99 Bayswater
      1.99 Forest Hill Chase

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    Coles had their Laverton distribution centre shut down due to Covid, probably a few days before back to normal.


    Once we traded these instead of using money


      Don't let the government read this

      I reckon they would try to 3d print bananas.

      In fact, a printed banana might be of greater value than our AUD if Scott Morrison keeps printing AUD to hand out to everyone like Oprah.