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Moccona Freeze Dried Instant Coffee 400g $16 @ Woolworths


Moccona Coffee 400grams for 16bucks. Classic medium roast. Leave some for my granparents/ others to grab.

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    Espresso is where it's at people.

  • the moccona barista reserve ones are half price at coles too $9. I rate them decent for instant

    • Crema, Smooth or Rich Espresso?

      • all 3 half price. i dont mind the crema, havnt tried the espresso one, the smooth was ok but ive had better

    • $9 175g Unit Price $5.14 per 100G

  • Is this a deal?

    • No. Regularly gets discounted lower than this.

      • How much % off is this

        • This is $4/100g, usually drops to $3.75 or $3.50/100g.

  • Stopped drinking Moccona when they stopped selling big 400gm jars of Classic Light Roast and rebranded it as "French Roast" and charged about 50% more.

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    do moccona deal come up often?

  • Same price on Amazon for medium, and dark is available 10% less with subscribe and save.

  • Yes, dark roast is available on Amazon using subscribe & save for $14.40.

  • Was $15 at Coles last week. These used to go on sale for $14.


  • arent they always $16? i keep on seeing it stacked up on the aisle at my local woolworths

  • Med roast our staple

  • they are $13 now

    • still showing 16

    • Are you sure you're not looking at the 200g jar by mistake?

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