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[NSW] Free Seeds at Zentea Lounge (Smithfield)


Hi Ozbargainers,

I work/volunteer for a charity restaurant located in Smithfield (Zentea Lounge Foundation). This July we're giving away free seeds to the community.

Many of us and the community are donating seeds as well, so the list is growing everyday.

If you have any spare, we'd love you to share them with the community, though this isn't essential! Currently we've got African Chilli, Vietnamese Mint, Okra, Lemongrass, Candy Honey Dew, Chayote, Sunflower Seeds, Coriander, Snake beans, Papaya seeds to give out.

1) Follow our Facebook pages to stay updated and join the community.
2) Facebook message us on either page with your contact details (Name, phone, email), and the seed types you prefer, in order of preference, so we can reserve your free seeds!

Note: Contact details will only be used for garden giveaway- you can choose to opt in for further communications when you drop in to pick up or donate seeds if you think we're a good cause- also can unsubscribe anytime after opting in.

Our pages are here:

Share this with your friends and family!

About us:
We are a NFP charity restaurant providing employment for women who have been affected by domestic violence, supporting and allowing them to regain control of their lives and independence. The seed giveaway is one way to allow community members to come together with like-minded locals in a gardening group, share advice, show off plants etc, and also to raise some awareness and gain support our charity's activities and community programs. We also believe gardening is a great activity to increase mindfulness and lower whatever daily stresses you have. We are located at 15/108 Percival Road in Smithfield, nested away in an industrial area.

Note: Mod please edit out freebie part, if this isnt a freebie "NSA" per Ozbargain terms :).
Note2: Dates are a rough timeline- may change- will be updated on our facebook gardening community and zentealounge page.

FAQ (since some have been asking):
1) We can't post the seeds to you if you are in another state unfortunately, as we are a small charity in Smithfield (western Sydney). Though if you have any local friends or family, do let them know and they can come pick the seeds up if they wish.
2) It's not essential to donate seeds, though we are very grateful if you do bring some in so we can spread the love in the community.
3) The seed preferences you put in are only preferences. We will try our best to cater but seeds are limited, and sometimes, we might need to give you other seeds.
4) Edit: Okra seeds now currently out as of 5/07.

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  • Wish I could help. I'm in WA. Please put the state in the title. Thanks 💐🇦🇺

    • That's generous of you! We are seeking a variety of different volunteers at the moment, and basically everyone who is not a beneficiary (our women) of the charity volunteers. We do have volunteers working remotely from time to time, and have a variety of opportunities to contribute available. Feel free to send me a PM! :)

  • Please note, the group link is now https://www.facebook.com/groups/1949216041881369 . Can't edit the main post, also out of Okra and Snake bean seeds. Have PM'd a mod.

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