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Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Ergonomic Gaming Mouse $66 Delivered @ OnLine Centre via Amazon AU


Looks like this gaming mouse is back in stock and on sale once again, just a tad more expensive than last time by Amazon and last time by OnLine Computer
Edit: Sold by OnLine Centre but fulfilled by Amazon

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  • how many mouses can one have?

    • My mouse recently broke, tempted to get this but I can probably fix it myself. Though I could probably do with a spare…

  • Nice price. I bought one for $100 when it was first released back in March.
    Good mouse, just no bling.

    • Does it have a plastic/cheap feeling mouse wheel? It's one thing I hate with razer's mice, their mice wheels aren't metal like logitechs :(

      • Not sure why anyone negged you. That's a litigate question. I know what you mean too, the mouse wheels on Logitech mice are nice

        • if only they would scroll properly…

          • @sr45: My goodness what a struggle the G703 scrolling issue was… G Hub wouldn't update the firmware… Found a firmware link on reddit that fixed the problem.

        • A lot of people hate the solid metal wheels on the wired G502s and now G604. They're heavy and there are many complaints of them not sctolling properly in Hyper-fast scroll mode.

      • It doesn't feel cheap to me, but I prefer Logitech wheels. It's a tad stiffer than I'd like I guess, but for gaming its fine. I'd stick to a Logitech with the free spin for productivity tasks.

      • This one feels like a logitech scroller, much heavier and responsive (has that click) than regular razer mice. I swear they just completely copied the logitech design

      • It is plastic but it feels and looks like robust quality. It has some weight but doesn't feel hollow or creak or make noise from use.

        The scroll has a very positive click action.

        Haven't used a nice mouse in a long time. And it's been very nice to use while wfh.

      • It doesn't feel cheap, but it's definitely plastic, and suits the whole mouse style of being lightweight - useful for gaming.

        Having flexibility to use this for productivity and gaming is good. I owned a deathadder and to this date is still my favourite gaming mouse ergonomics wise. the mx master is great too but it only lasted 3 years for me (and that included extended warranty replacement). Razer's mouse tend to last longer no matter how you beat it up so i'm sure this basilisk will be good too - I just got one last week.

        edit: plus, razer's mechanical clicks always sound so satisfying :D

      • The mouse wheel is quite good on this one. Can't say the same for the overall feel, mouse button clicks are a bit loud & flexy, it's a bit plasticy and light. Doesn't compare to a MX Master 2S for overall build quality or ergonomics in my opinion. Not saying it's a bad mouse though, it's decent overall and worth the $64-66 special price.

        Disclaimer: I just bought one a few weeks back from another OzBargain post to replace a wired Razer DeathAdder for WFH purposes and have been using it all day, but use a MX Master 2S at work - both of those mouses feel more premium.

  • Why must mouse deals always tempt me

  • Bought this mouse a few weeks back.

    It's very well priced with a premium feel but unfortunately a bit too small coming from a DeathAdder (and Rival 100 before that).

  • Good price !

    • You could potentially price beat at OW to get it 5% cheaper.

      • I'm quite new to OW price beat, but I have a question… How exact does this work since this store is online? Usually, some places don't price match with online stores. Does Officeworks do this, or is there something else I'm missing?

        • Never done a price beat myself but I think they should

          • @FireRunner: Oh alright, that's perfect… On another note, I really wish Microsoft Store had a proper price match feature… I got $80 Microsoft Credit which I need to use and would have been happy to buy this mouse with the credit

            Sad thing that Microsoft Store has such a limited choice at such high prices :(

        • They will match the "delivered price" of an online store, if it is an Australian store and not a grey import. I've also had success in calling Officeworks Sales and getting a price match done over the phone, transaction done that way with click and collect.

        • Can match online stores at officeworks, but shipping needs to be included in the matched price, has to be in stock, can't be on clearance at the store it's matching.

          Has to be an identical model as well, so grey imports from places like HK can't be matched.

      • Just tried to price match with OW over the phone, but no go as it is not sold by Amazon themselves. Has to be sold via the sellers storefront/website if not sold by Amazon directly.

  • Bought, my wallet hates you…

  • need a lightspeed 502 sale again

  • Got one for mac

    • I got one earlier. Just note that the mouse best as I can tell needs Razor's 'Synapse 3' software to configure it, and this software does not run on Mac. Synapse 2 does run on Mac but the mouse wasn't recognised in the older release. Also while the DPI adjustments are saved to the mouse, other customisations aren't and seem to rely on Synapse 3 to be running.

      I got around that as I have access to Windows so I saved the DPI profiles from there, and Better Touch Tool on Mac which I use allowed me to customise the things I wanted on the mouse, namely switch the scrolling.

      • Thanks for telling that, can u switch from MacOS to windows using Bluetooth and wireless at same time?

        • Can’t see why not. Switching wireless to Bluetooth to me also seemed very quick and snappy.

      • The app looks like it's needed to map buttons. Amongst other things like profiles for games etc.

        Not useful for me.

        The button on centre can cycle through dpi settings

  • Any deals for the Basilisk V2

  • It this really that ergonomically sound? It doesn't look like the mx master 3 with the slant.

    Edit: Should I get this or the MX 2s when that goes on discount?

  • Is this overkill for a work mouse? Seems great value.

    • Not so much overkill, as a challenge. See if you can max the 450 inches per second limit in an office environment.

    • For office I would go something like a Logitech M720 personally which is at a similar price point on Amazon. The scroll wheels better for going through documents.

  • Need a G pro wireless deal

  • Bought this work, great mouse

  • is this an upgrade from a Deathadder?

  • Is this mouse very heavy like the g502?

    • unsure how heavy a g502 is, but this mouse is light. In fact some reviews said it was a con that it didn't include weights to add a bit more weight to it.

      • Unsure why I got negged. Purchased this mouse after reading multiple reviews and many mentioned it was quite light and that one of the features missing to save costs that they’d have liked would be the addition of extra weights, which many more expensive gaming mouses include.

        Personally I think it’s fine myself and I have zero complaints about the weight, but I’ve seen no one say it’s a heavy mouse and some who have said they’d like a bit more heft, but it hasn’t seemed to be a deal breaker for anyone, especially given the price point.

        Just stating what I read across a number of reviews.

    • Nah, it's feather light and you should better use light weight battery.

    • I have used both and agree with smigit, it's fairly light. Weightier than a Death Adder but lighter than G502. Doesn't feel like a razer mouse, feels like a hollow logitech mouse.

      I like it very much

    • Felt a bit heavy to me at the start, but perfect now that I have replaced the AA with a AAA and foil.

  • Bought, my wallet hates you…

  • How’s this compared to g502 spectrum?

  • I was going to get one, then I had to stop and qiestion why I was doing that. I am currently using a Logitech G502.

  • Is this one good for MacBook guys? For Dora 2 and Diablo 3?

    • Works fine over Bluetooth or wireless.

      Just see my comment earlier up relating to the fact you can’t run the Razer software on a Mac, and therefore can’t do customisations of the key bindings or DPI. To change the DPI, you can set that up on a Windows system and the settings will be saved to the mouse however. You could just leave the mouse as it is out of the box too and it will work. I only wanted to change the settings as I found the DPI values for the sensor above 7000ish unusable and there was 2 or 3 values of the 5 above that threshold.

  • How does this compare to the Logitech g703 (non hero edition). Says battery is 240 hours thats pretty crazy. The g704 battery is 20-30 hours.

    EDIT: battery is high because it runs off of AA batteries.

    • As an update. I have purchased. WFH means those 20-30 hours get consumed nearly every few days. Looking forward to a beefed up battery.

      Also don't forget cashback is now 5% on PC and electronics. So should be captured.

    • I wish I knew about this mouse before buying a G703 for gaming and then an MX Master 3 for work when the WFH makes me sit on my PC for 15h/day. Oh well, I guess now I have a very nice mouse for work when going back to office (in the unforeseeable future).

      • That was the same for me before I started a job that allows me to work from home. Never even noticed the battery on the G703. Would just use it 1-2 hours so it would last me 2-3 weeks pretty easily. Working from home means like you said 12+ hours on the computer a day, and the battery lasts about 2-3 days. I just leave it plugged in now, and that cable and connector is so chunky it always gets caught.

  • Thanks OP. Been missing out on these the last couple months. Got in on this one.

  • I upgraded to this from an old G700s last week. Been very happy with it so far, seems to be a decent gaming mouse where you don't need to pay for all the RGB and crap that you might not necessarily want as was my case. It's 84g + AA battery weight or you can do a AAA mod to make it lighter yet if it's a big deal for you. Personally I'm coming from a 150g chonker so it feels nice and light for me. I have pretty big hands and use a claw/palm grip with no issues.

    Other options I was considering were the Roccat Leadr and G502 lightspeed, so this was a fair bit cheaper.

    https://gearsearch.gg/ if you want to compare weights etc.

  • Does anyone else get memories of old WoW quests when they see the word basilisk? Kill 10 small basilisks, kill 12 large ones, etc.

  • Got this last week. Bluetooth connection is very unreliable, randomly unpaired itself and goes into pairing mode. Every time I have to go through the re-pairing process. Thought using on multiple devices UBS dongle on Desktop and BT on laptop but BT is $hi7. May be its my piece.

  • very happy with this mouse, no rgb gay sh i t, doesn't have free scrolling wheel but ok,
    use 1 AA battery, comfortable to hold

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