Fell for TobyDeals Scam - What Now?

I bought a $600 phone from TobyDeals because I got suckered by those 5-star reviews that I now realise are fake. I opened a PayPal dispute, but TobyDeals gave PayPal a trash tracking number that shows a parcel sent to the wrong address and I believe PayPal will side with TobyDeals because IMO customer service reps are a million times worse than cops. I don't know what to do, I'm not rich and it took me a few months to save up $600. I tried looking for a Retail Ombudsman but Victoria doesn't have one and all I could find was the ACCC and the website keeps redirecting me round and round to different pages without letting me file a complaint… it's infuriating.

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  • What was the issue? Didn't receive item, wrong item received, fake product…?

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      I placed an order, waited 3 weeks without a single word from them, tried to contact them multiple times, still nothing. Opened a dispute with PayPal, the very next day TobyDeals comes out from under their rock to give me a tracking number. Things look optimistic for a few days until my parcel gets sent to the wrong address, in a different city. Tried to contact TobyDeals again with no success, then 1 day before PayPal closes the case in my favour, TobyDeals gives them the same tracking number they gave me. I can only assume the person reviewing my case will have the same IQ as a potato and think that this tracking number means I received the item and side with TobyDeals. The worst part is, once the case is closed, I can't open another one. TobyDeals gets my money and I get nothing.

      • Sounds like your only recourse is to keep chasing seller until you get the item.

        Either way, harsh lesson to pay a little bit more for local stock, local seller, local warranty etc…


          The website is called TobyDealsAU so I assumed they were an Australian company. Only when I looked at my PalPal receipt that I realised the company was based in Hong Kong.

  • What are you talking about? I've bought a smart watch and phone from https://www.tobydealsau.com/en_AU/ in the past with no issue? If it's a matter of sending and the address then you contact them and or/ paypal?

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      I'm glad that your experience with them was positive, but we're not the same person and everyone's different. If you check this site, some people have been lucky like you, but others have been screwed over like me.

      • Cool story dude, I do my research prior to handing over money. Paypal are pretty good at assisting but it can take weeks to determine the outcome. Saying you value cops over customer service is just telling of who or what you are, best of luck I guess…..

  • Did you give them the wrong address? It'll be obvious they sent the wrong address the when you compare the delivery address on Paypal's shipping address and the tracking number address.


      Triple checked all addresses I entered on my order, the account I made on the website, and PayPal and they are 100% correct. I don't know why TobyDeals sent my parcel to an address far away from where I live that I never wrote down anywhere.

      • Then Paypal will favour in your case since they sent the package to the wrong address.

  • I tried looking for a Retail Ombudsman but Victoria doesn't have one and all I could find was the ACCC and the website keeps redirecting me round and round to different pages without letting me file a complaint… it's infuriating.

    ACCC does not do private investigations. Source, I used to work there.

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      Do you know where I CAN file a complaint? I just want my money back…

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        before getting too worked up, why don't you wait for outcome of the paypal dispute first

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          Asos lost my order and I wasted 5 months of my life trying to make them see reason. That painful experience taught me that no matter which customer service rep I talked to, all of them were autists. I can only assume this will be the same.

      • You will need to go to court. This is a civil matter, not a criminal matter, so you cannot just "file a complaint" and get someone else to deal with it.

        Nobody knows whether you got what you paid for or not. So far this is just one side of the story. You will need to gather evidence, present it in front of a magistrate or tribunal, the other party will do the same, and based on the evidence you and TobyDealsAU supply, a ruling will be made.

  • I've bought a few things from TobyDeals, and while their handling times (ie; time before even shipping) is trash, I've always received my item. Just keep following up with Paypal and worse comes to worst, chargeback via credit card.

  • Is the summary, Toby deals did not respond promptly to your inquiries and then when they gave you a tracking number it was for the wrong address?

    Have either paypal or TobyDeals advised there is no problem, or are you jumping the gun? It seems like either the wrong tracking number was issued, or the parcel sent to the wrong address.
    If this follows an order only 3 weeks ago, your parcel might still be in transit - tobydeals takes a while to ship, and has to clear customs etc.

    If the details the seller supply show the wrong delivery, either they or paypal will be likely to sort you out.

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      They wouldn't have responded at all if I hadn't threatened them with a PayPal dispute/Ombudsman complaint. They gave me a tracking number that was attached to a parcel that went to an address that wasn't mine, and I've sent them a few emails about this but they've been ignored.

  • Any one know any scams where a buyer can change an Ebay address of delivery after payment has been made by Paypal ?

    Supposedly it doesn't happen .

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    I used Toby Deals about a year ago. They gave false tracking information, which is probably what they've done to you. I could tell mine was fake because the shipment date was before that of my order placement. I did eventually receive my item.

  • Can you raise a chargeback on the card you linked to your paypal?

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    I have bought 2 phones from and both times received exactly what I ordered within a week and left 5 star reviews, so I would say calling them scammers is not entirely accurate.

  • I think you should have the evidence in your favour. If the tracking number delivered something in another suburb then it would be on tobdydealsau to prove that was the address you gave them.

    Moreover you have evidence of them not doing anything until PayPal dispute opened, despite many attempts yourself to make contact.

    I would try get the courier company to verify it was NOT your name on the delivery matching tracking number. They might not tell you what name was on it but they might confirm it was NOT yours.

    You have done all you can at this point. If PayPal side with seller you have chargeback option, but that might get you kicked off PayPal from what I have read.

  • Call PayPal on the phone. After the excruciating menu system, they are good to deal with.

  • Never had an issue with them and have bought 2 phones so far

  • I've bought a smartwatch with tobydeals. They sent me the wrong tracking number too. When I flagged it and they sent the right one. OP just needs to be patient. I bet that if we could get a follow-up the phone would be received just fine & all this was over nothing.

  • Why don't you tell Paypal that the tracking number provided is for a different address?

    If you provide the facts from your side instead of automatically assuming all customer service rep are "autists" you probably would have gotten the right tracking number by now.

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  • Man commenters seem to really be shitting on you here for no reason. Sorry to hear this happened to you mate, losing $600 is bad enough as it is without having people shame and blame. Maybe look into requesting a chargeback with your bank? I'm not familiar with PayPal reconciliation or TobyDeals, sorry I can't offer more recourse.


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  • If the shipping info doesn't match the info you gave them, then PayPal will side in your favour.

    Still, you'll probably get your phone, Toby's probably sent the wrong tracking info to PayPal.

    Don't panic yet. Grey import is cheaper exactly because of inconveniences like this.

    If PayPal screws you over, do a credit card charge back and don't use PayPal any more.

  • Op seems to be genuinely seeking advice on what to do after loosing $600 bucks, which is no small sum
    I have never been in this situation before; so can't offer any advice. Maybe provide all evidence to Paypal? — timeline of events, wrong shipping address by Toby.

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    Thank you.