4iiii Precision 105 R7000 Powermeter 170mm Crank Arm $380.99 (List Price $580.70) @ Wiggle


Seems like a great price on the 105 4iii power meter.

Only available in the 170 mm crank arm length.

Next cheapest I can find (and cheapest for other sizes) is probably direct from 4iii website in the US as they recently lowered their retail prices to 299 USD. Once you include shipping this works out to around 480 AUD (plus tax, probably).

Can be had for another $20 cheaper at Chain Reaction Cycles (sister site) using CLEAR2020 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/549516#comment-8953041

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  • Great Deal OP - Great Power Meter too.
    I bought mine from the US for $490 AUD about a month ago when everyone was out of stock.
    For anyone who buys - do just confirm it will fit your frame.

    • Yes, make sure you actually have the correct bottom bracket, and make sure your RHS crank is the same length.

      Here is the PDF guide to checking clearance on your chainstay.

      Sadly my cranks are 172.5 mm.

  • i was just looking at this yesterday, and didn't notice the 170mm price because i need 175mm!

    stages gen 3 was around 549 at pushys before all out of stock, which has been around for a while so i imagine most issues are fixed now (they sent me a replacement twice, second time out of warranty)

    considering i paid around 900 when the stages first came downunder paying around 400-500 is a good deal for a power meter/glorified strain gauge

    and R7000 is as far as you should go now until shimano resolve their issues with failing cranks (might be overstated but i don't really want to find out)

  • Found it at Chain Reaction Cycles, with code CLEAR2020 it goes down another $20. Can't change the deal store though and cbf posting again.


  • Do you really need a power meter? I mean you might as well solve a couple more Ralpha socks down your Ralpha bibs if it's going to make you feel any better?

    • nobody really needs anything. it's all just a ploy to make you think you're training better than someone who doesn't have one.

      but it's nice to look at the pretty numbers and legitimises those insignificant strava KOM's

    • This is OzBargain, half the stuff is totally unnecessary.

    • …Ralpha socks down your Ralpha bibs…

      Ralpha? Is that like a counterfeit brand of Rapha?

  • Probikekit have the 172.5mm one for $428.99 and usually have 10-14% codes that are emailed out too

  • Good deal, I bought the previous generation of the 4iiii Precision installed on a Shimano 105 crank in 2017 for $550 AUD. Use with rollers or wind trainer for a budget Zwift setup with power.

  • Will match my 2.5w/kg FTP and rapha kit

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