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Amaysim 6-Month 125GB Long Expiry Plan $120 (was $150, Stack with $30 Cashback @ Cashrewards)

  • Unlimited talk & text to standard numbers in Australia.
  • Unlimited international standard talk & text to 28 countries.
  • 125GB of Included Data
  • Buy before 31 July to save $30 off normal price.

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  • Good deal but I stay with Boost.

    • I wonder how many people will jump on these kind of deals exactly 12 months after a $240 12 month boost deal.

      A smart telco would go back, find all those deals, and time it for a week or two before those people are set to renew.

  • Not a bad deal, 20GB for ~$15 a month.

    My Kogan $4.90 for 3mnths (20GB a month) is expiring soon, and i'm tossing up whether to go to Belong.

    I understand there are no deals on the $40 starter SIM kit, but with the double data and switching plans hack, I presume that i can still get $40 credit back and $20 cashback from OzB? so by my calculations, all up would come to zero dollars for the phone plan because it's covered by the starter credit and cashback?

    (to be technical, $40 for the starter SIM card kit, over the three months = ~$13 a month for 27GB?)

  • Anyone know when this has to be activated by? Currently on $150 Boost 12 month plan ending in Sep.

  • Only for new or port in customers.

  • So total with cashbacks would be 90 or 120 dollars?

  • Does the cashback gets paid after activation? Or will be paid back after x months from buy? What if the SIM card remains inactive for some time?

  • not sure how 6 months is classed as long expiry

  • competition from boost forced amayaim to lunch this. but boost 12 month plan is better one - value for money. I am using boost.

  • I remember Amaysim doing a survey about long expiry (i.e. more than 28 days plans). Amaysim's USP had always been "no contract". A Long Expiry is kind of a contract, so they were skeptical. But yeah, looks like they started losing customers to the likes of Boost. Even Lebara's 180-day plan for $99 is on offer sometimes.

  • OP, can you confirm if this deal is open to existing customers?

    • Eligible Customers Customers who:
      • place a new order for an Eligible Plan at amaysim.com.au during the
      Promotion Period; and
      • enter an approved payment method when prompted;
      are eligible for the Promotion Benefits

      I was able to add to cart as an existing customer (signed in). I port too a new provider every month and always use a new email address with amaysim just in case.

      • I am also with Amaysim already and want to move to this plan. I can purchase this plan directly on Amaysim portal by signing in, but I want to benefit with the Cashreward offer.

        When I click the link on Cashreward portal which takes me to Amaysim portal, I can't see any Sign in option. Seems cash reward offer is only for New Customers. Were you able to sign in as existing customer from Cashreward link?

  • For those it matters, Amaysim doesn’t offer conference calls, which means you can’t just put a call on hold to answer the other incoming call.

    • correct me if I'm wrong, but are you referring to call waiting? You cn enable this in the Amaysim app apparently:


      conference calls are where you have multiple people on the same call, I believe. This is what Amaysim says is unavailable with them.

      • Yes, can confirm. Call waiting is available with Amaysim.
        Call Conference is not. With other operators, you may dial 3 other people and talk together. Amaysim does not allow that.

      • Yeah, call waiting you can enable
        But when you receive second call while on phone, you will either have to reject it or end your call to answer it
        You cannot put your current call on hold and answer the other.

  • Help me decide please .Boost (Telstra) or Amaysim(Optus) in terms of network quality and 4G data speeds when out of metro areas of Melbourne.

    I am currently with Lebara (Vodafone) but their network sucks.

    Wife recently got Boost but we haven’t been able to test network out of metro area.

  • I'm an existing costumer on $30/45GB a month. Can I switch to this and then switch back to what I'm on now in 6 months time?

    • When you switch back to $30 after 6 months, you would get the benefits of the plan at that point in time, which may not be 45GB. Actually, 6 months is a long time, you never know, the plan inclusions of $30 plan may go up by then considering how fast we are consuming more data day-by-day. I remember until late-2018, the $30 plan gave only 5GB of data.

  • Only 28 billing cycle not 30 days

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