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DIY & Installed 15% off Storewide @ Blinds City


Hello Ozbargain Community,

We are offering 15% off Everything DIY and Install while we all go through the tough times and ISO conditions.

If you have new home with house plans we can quote you a deal and if you have other quotes please email us and we can quote you our best deal.

Kind Regards
Blinds City Team

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    Is there an example of a bargain otherwise this is just advertising?


      We make custom blinds to your window sizing.

      For example 1.5m X 1.5m window for a plantation shutter installed $800 original and with discount $680


        Wood or pvc


          That example was for PVC,
          However if you have quotes or a price to best we would be happy to take a look also.


            @Blinds City: Blinds Online have the same dimension in wood for $663 as their regular price. you have some homework to do before you can get these guys interested


              @alo1234: That is Diy price from blinds online. I gave you installed price .
              Our DIY price would be $514

              Also PVC is more premium than timber as well.

              Need to compare apples with apples. DIY and installed is not the same :)


    You have a running 10% offer in your site so it’s really just a 5% discount. That’s not a bargain.


      Hi this is a 15% discount.
      The 10% you are referring to is if there is no deals at all and for first time buyers. But can not be used together.

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    I just purchased nearly $4k of diy plantation shutters.
    Good service and a very good product.
    I would recommend these guys. It does appear they often discounted.


      Thank you :)


    Do you have lockable aluminium plantation shutters that can be used for security on the inside of casement windows?


      Sorry we don't have lockable shutters


    Am I doing something wrong?

    On halfpriceblinds if I order a set of 'Timber-Look Nova Blinds' in 950mmx1350mm it comes out to be $105.29 (assuming I order multiple and get my order over $199 for free shipping). Comparatively, if I order the same size as a 'Oyster PVC Venetian Blind' the total comes out to be $144 after discount. Am I missing something or how is this a bargain OP?


      Thank you for your research. Not all products are the same, some companies have standard sizes and cut back to the size you need whilst ours is made from scratch and assembled.

      Also notice they have a 2 year warranty while we have 5 Year warranty.
      They also have 11-15 working days to manufacture while we have 3 working days.

      The product don't have the same spec which has a smaller headboard and fascia which the overall look will not be the same.
      The product that is comparable to the PVC venetian on our website is their product https://www.halfpriceblinds.com.au/woodlux-blinds/woodlux-50...
      Which is $385 ( so definitely makes our product a huge Bargain! while we carry 5 yr warranty and they still carry a 2 yr warranty)

      So its not all exactly the same.

      However we also have make an offer on our goods so if you have a total price quote, We would be happy to look at it and do a deal from there.