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Woolworths Rewards - Earn 2300 Points When You Spend $50 (Activation Required)


Just saw this in my rewards app.

Likely targeted offer.

T&C's attached in screenshot

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    Mine is earn 4400 with $150 spend

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      Same, about time for a good deal

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        spend $150 for $172 of groceries. so about a 12.8% discount not including gift cards.

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        Same for me as well (spend $150 to get 4400 points)

        However this should also stack with this months 10% off one shop offer, which can be paid for using gift cards and this would effectively add another $20 'off' as well.

    • Same, big spend for 1 person lol

    • Yep got this one as well. If I understood correctly, the $150 doesn't have to be in one hit but can be multiple transactions of less than $150 for the week and then hit $150 total?

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    • Same. Will probably get it just through normal spend.

    • Me too. I just spent, an hour ago, $274. I now have the app though. Thanks OP

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    Got 3000 points with $100 spend.

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      Got 3000 with $50 spend!
      That's a pretty usual offer received in normal times!

      • same

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        My dog received the same in her email inbox today.

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        Got 3000 for $50 spend on 6 accounts lol

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          The joys of multiple accounts😉
          Got previous 4000 pts offer on 5 accounts. Did 5 shops in 1 day.

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          can you convert points from multiple WR accounts to same QFF number ?

        • Wow. 3 accounts here and not 1 offer.

          No woolies spend this week that's for sure then

    • Same

  • Where exactly did you find it?

    • Woolies rewards app

      • Yup, got that bit. Is it just on the home page or is there somewhere in the app you have gone to find it?

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      Check the Woolies email is usually easiest - especially with more than 1 account.

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    wtf? spend a couple hundred every week with these bastards…wheres my offer? 🤨

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      You're spending too much. They send these offers out to the people who don't spend a lot to give them an incentive to shop at Woolies rather than Coles / Foodland etc.

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        ..nice 'rewards' program
        might get & register another card i reckon…i'll just use it for my snack runs 😋

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          There's 2 schemes run with the card (flybuys too). The standard points rewards you barely (0.5% which pales to gift cards) for spending more. Then there's the bonus points which is a disloyalty scheme (you are rewarded more for spending less).

          With the Flybuys card I end up with about 60,000 bonus points and 2,000 normal points over the year. You want to be disloyal! (or just don't scan your card) The regular points aren't worth it.

          • @vandagar: ok…i think i follow that

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              @franco cozzo: In your case (since you spend a lot!) the points might be worth it. Get a 2nd card, load up one card with all your spending. Occasionally scan the 2nd card with a $10-20 spend (once a week/fortnight).

              Do offers you get, but if it says spend $50, you aim for $52.

              • @vandagar: …yep thats the way i figure i'll play it. looking at our account we have had some reasonable savings with about $200 redeemed since starting to use the card regularly several years ago….doesnt compare to overall spend but it is something

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                  @franco cozzo: about $200 redeemed
                  We have got more than that already this year over 2 cards. Use one for a while until a good offer on the other, then swap.

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            @vandagar: They also capture your card number and use it to link back to you, even when you don't scan the loyalty card.

            I'd recommend you use gift vouchers or a revolut card where you regularly change the card number so that they don't maintain a history of you.

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              @Choc83: Agree (thought it went without saying to use gift cards on Ozbargain!). The 5% discount is the real reward system!

              I don't use their apps, but if you can load gift cards or anything into them, I wouldn't do that either. Won't be long before they start using cameras on the checkouts to link you.

              • @vandagar: You mean this? https://www.pedestrian.tv/news/woolworths-security-self-serv...

                You are right, the gift card is the best way. I try not to have too much overlap between the gift card used and different reward cards in case they link them. I presume over time they'll link them in the background based on your buying habits.

                • @Choc83: I use a different GC on each account.

                • @Choc83:

                  But Woolworths says the footage is not recorded, nor stored, and is just a live reflection of customers using the checkouts.

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            @vandagar: I will often split my shop if I'm getting poor offers from Coles. Put through $50 and pay and scan, then complete the rest and dont scan. That way they know you're shopping, but bring down your targets. Mixed results. Not sure if no spend would be better.

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              @futureminime: I haven't scanned one card for awhile and I checked my emails and it hasn't got offers for a long time (but they've been particularly stingy since COVID). So my opinion is at least once a fortnight, but needs to be a suitably low average to your overall spend (and then whether they can link your transactions by payment method).

              If you spend too much, probably won't offer anything. But would need more data. I have always found that Coles has significantly more (and better) offers than Woolies.

              Maybe a mole needs to get a job on the inside and share how it works!

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    Nothing for me yet :(

  • It's targeted.. I have't received anything. But managed to get Qantas 50 Status credits through their program.

  • +2

    3000 for $50 was best received.
    Family received a few 2300 on $50.

    Will combine 1 with 10% off monthly offer from Woolies insurance / mobile.
    And if spending $100, use the targeted 3000pt free delivery offers.

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    On one of my accounts, I got an offer to spend $50 in one shop for 2300 points.

    On another one, it's spend $100 in one or more shops for 3000 points.

    • Same here :P

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    I got nothing … Like always …

  • Is this marked as "IN APP ONLY"?

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    I got nothing too :(

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    I got earn 3x points on every shop from 6 July to 12 July.

    • Yep. That’s all I got.

    • Had that this week for BWS on 2 accounts

  • -1

    mine says spend $100 in one or more for 3000 points. does that mean i can spend $100 multiple times and get 3000 points each time or spend $50 twice to total $100 for 3000?

    • The latter.

  • My very first 2020 targetted offer from Woolworths

    • +1

      Unfortunately, lostinsydney!
      Received many 4000 bonus pts for $50 spend recently. Got 20k bonus pts in 1 day of shopping!

  • Can use wish card to pay right? 😅

    • Yes.

      • +1

        Thanks 😊

  • Nothing on 3 cards

  • Nope, got nothing.
    No email - no offer in the app.

  • Got 4,400 points with a $150 spend :( I've must have been buying too much at Woolies, they are trying to get me to reach for the stars.

  • Anyone had experience with these offers and using (not buying!) gift cards?

    I'm still loaded up from the $250gc/3k offer and could use the $250gc for staples, but maybe not if I need to spend another $100 cash! (got $100/3k offered)

    • We ALWAYS pay with gift cards. Hardly ever run out.

  • Targeted offer.
    I've got "Spend $150* in one or more shops, in-store or online at Woolworths to earn 4400 points. Starts Mon, 6th July - Ends Sun, 12th July."

  • Same here

  • Is there anyway to see what deals have been activated like with FlyBuys?

    • +1

      Yeah; download the Woolworths Rewards app

      • +1

        Where abouts? I can see the offers available, but can’t see what’s been activated. I’m on iOS if that makes a difference.

        EDIT: Just went back into the app, it’s in the list now. Odd.

  • Gift card is eligible for bonus points?

    • Buying them? No. Read the terms and conditions.

  • +1

    Just noticed the following added to t&c for online order offers

    Qualifying amount is the final amount charged to you(ie after deductions for any out of stock items)

    • Yes this was on one of my offers. It makes things very difficult. If you purchase meat it could be $20 and if its out of stock it's a problem. There have been many items out of stock so do you need to gamble on how much extra you need to purchase and that, of course would lower the discount. Especially a problem if you have invested in a 4 week deal. Not happy.

  • I dropped a Tap and Go CC the other day and someone had a party of pizza , grog , Hungry Jacks and JB HiFi to the tune of a couple hundred .

    I'm guarding this Woolies Reward Card with my life as also no pin can go on a monster party with whats on it from the Ebay card deal .

    • +1

      No need to carry a Rewards card - use one of the Woolies apps on your phone. They show the barcode.

      But most people don't have that much in credit on the Rewards card to be that worried. Credit is usually spent in next shop.

      It's the egift cards that many buy that can be vulnerable to large losses if others access those details. Those are often stored in Woolies Money App without further protection on the phone.
      Can use an addition app to lock that app!

  • I got an email saying spend $150 or more in 1 or more shops by Sunday for 4400 points. Hmmm.

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    I got an offer for spend $100 get 3000 points, and another for spend $100 get 2000 points, both on the same account for the same week. They both activated fine so I'm hoping i'll get 5k points for 1 shop? 1 was the regular offer and the other was a delivery saver unlimited offer (I'm on the 1 month trial offer from other week).

    • Should work. I have many similar deals work.

  • Did the bonus points show up on the screen or receipts?
    Mine didn’t and now I’ve got another similar offer for this coming week without the points being updated in the top of the email.

    • No; shows up in the app about a day or two after your qualifying purchase.

      • Thanks. Just logged in the app and even though it shows completed points haven’t loaded
        Unless it’s taken the 2000 and transferred it to $10 off next shop which I have

        • When did you complete your qualifying shop? Mine showed up on the Thursday, but there seemed to be some tech issue or something as it said they were adding my points; the points showed up on Friday and my balance updated to the correct amount less 2000 points from the 3000 points

          • +1

            @kerfuffle: Thanks
            Worked it out. It’s being transferred to the $10 off next shop

    • In-store - showed on screen ($10 towards next shop) & on receipt.

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