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[Switch] Catherine: Full Body - $73.06 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


Was looking around for the cheapest copy of Catherine Full Body for Switch which is released on Tuesday, cheapest delivered I could find is $73 from the Gamesmen on eBay. eBay Plus isn't required for the discount but it does give you free Express Post.

For reference Amazon is $75 and EB Games is $90. I did find it at Critial Hit for $72 but that requires pickup and their website also states that preorders needed to be in by last Friday.

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  • damn, switch tax. The PS4 digital version was $25.95 about 2 months ago

    • I agree with you on the switch tax in general. However unless that ps4 price was a release price then it doesnt apply here as, in this instance the game is only set to be released on Tuesday.

    • The Switch version comes with all DLC, worth about $30. Granted they’re all cosmetic, but it’s something to note.

    • Switch version wasn't out two months ago. Does that mean this new release should launch at $25 just so you don't feel ripped off?

    • That's been the main thing putting me off from getting a switch. Especially when you compare the price of the same game on other platforms.

      Admittedly, still a tad annoyed that nothing digitally purchased on the Wii U carried over.

  • Have game prices gone up? This, Bioshock, Borderlands and Outer Worlds all released around $80. Have and will continue to refrain from purchasing any re-release (that includes you NBA2k) at that price.

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      I believe gamesmen price jack every time they have a sale on ebay.
      I've bought stuff from them for actually good deals during ebay sales and not long after the sale the price of the item raised 10%.

      I could be wrong and just got lucky.

    • Seems like retailers are less inclined to compete on price with the more niche titles. Despite Catherine on the Switch retailing for $50 in the States, it's more expensive here than Paper Mario: The Origami King, which retails for $60 in the States.

  • Any one know if the game is any good? Seems weird.

    • I played the original and enjoyed it, picked up the FB version for PS4 but havent gotten around to it yet.
      Basically a horror-esque puzzle platformer / tower climbing. Gets pretty hard and intense at times but the FB version apparently gets a story mode with easier difficulty.
      Decent story and settings.
      Check youtube gameplay to determine if you’ll like it.

  • I wouldn't preorder games expecting them on launch day even with express through TGM. Refer to what happened with the Last of Us Part II recently where even those who paid express didn't receive it until a few days after release. Let want help they sent them all after 5pm the day before release too …

    I'd pay $74.99 through Amazon with guaranteed delivery on release day or get $5 free promo credit if doesn't arrive on release day.

    With SunCorp Rewards (create a free SunCorp bank account to gain access) you can get 3% off Amazon giftcard which makes the final price cheaper than TGM at $72.74 although CR $3 bonus on-top of normal cashback will make the eBay cheaper again.

  • I was pretty keen on the Full Body version, then when I heard there was a Vita port I was super stoked, then when they said it wasn't gonna be in English I was bummed and bailed on the FB version all together.

    Then when they said it was coming to Switch I decided (profanity) it, the 360 version will do until the NS version is 20 or less.

    Now we play the waiting game.

    Anyone who's actually played both on here? Care to comment on the differences / new content?

    • Vita port has a translation port of the PS4 copy - but your Vita will need to be hacked first.

    • I’ve played both the original and the PS4 version (kinda).

      The additions to the PS4 version makes it Catherine 1.5, enough to warrant another purchase (but not for ~$75).

      Game adds a third love-interest, complete with new cutscenes, endings and storyline. Also improves the Babel mode (competitive climbing) by adding online multiplayer and selectable skins/ voiceovers.

      Lastly, the Switch version adds in all DLC worth $30, but it’s all cosmetic (includes an interesting DLC pack, I’ll let you figure it out).

  • For those wondering, I received my copy today (free Express Post with eBay Plus). So got it on release day.

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