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[eBay Plus, PS4] The Last of Us Part 2 $49 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


Great price for Plus members. The Last Us Part II.

Original deal / Full list

-Apologies for publishing this deal as The Gamesmen have not sent the game as Express Post which was part of the eBay Plus Promotion.

The Gamesmen have apologised for the confusion and direct customers to return the item for a refund.

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  • +3

    yeah babaaaaaaay!!!

  • -5

    I will never buy this game!!

    Because I don't own a PlayStation :(

    • +8


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      You should consider getting a PS5 down the track. It should be compatible with PS4 games so you'll have an extensive backlog to choose from. Lots of great exclusives like:
      - Uncharted 4
      - Uncharted: Lost Legacy
      - Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection (remastered 1-3)
      - God of War
      - Spiderman
      - Days Gone
      - The Last of Us Remastered
      - Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Ok to be fair, I thought this game was average but played it for the nostalgia)
      - The Order: 1886 (This game has bad reviews because of length and gameplay but I picked it up for $10 including shipping so I thought it was well worth it)
      - The Last of Us Remastered. Love this game. Played it on the PS3 and again on the PS4.

      • +2

        Basically all of the PS4 hits that are RRP of $20 with sales between $12-15 are solid buys. A great selection in there.

      • It might not be all PS4 games being supported at launch.

      • I have at least four of these, including The Last of Us Remastered. I think I got the $10 EB special.
        And I have never had or played a PS4, I am waiting they get to sub $200.

        Last of Us on PS3 was probably the best game I have ever played and completed, I have two copies for PS3 (I think I payed full price for the 1st copy and many years later $5 for the 2nd copy to collect as it was mint) plus the PS4 copy.

        I went Xbox One S instead, maybe because of price. Great console. I am sure the PS4 was/is too.

        I will get a PS4 later to play Last of Us II, looks awesomely violent. Maybe will wait till is cheaper, no time to play games :(
        Whats the hurry when I can get it cheaper later.

          • +4

            @halil23: Cringe

            • -5

              @[Deactivated]: I take it that you don't care if a corrupt satanic corporation f%#k up the gaming industry?

              I cringe at those kind of low people…

              • +2

                @halil23: Yeah give Sony no competition good idea

                • -2

                  @[Deactivated]: So you never heard of Nintendo and PC exist?!?


                  • @halil23: Sony have said they'll delay the ps5 if xbox delay. They've also said they'll react to the price of the xbox.

                    Switch won't even run next gen games.
                    Pc isn't competition it's a different market that even Sony put their games on.

                    Without xbox Sony wouldn't do half the good stuff they do.

                    I say all this as a pro, x, switch and gaming pc owner.

                    • -2

                      @[Deactivated]: Do some research on satanic m$ and the evil bill gates if you (and everyone else) that cares/wants to protect the video gaming industry!!

                      There's competition everywhere even if m$ exit the gaming industry, also it's m$ that said they'll react to pricing! stop lying!!

                      You seriously gonna cry if consoles gets delayed for couple of months?!?

                      BOYCOTT M$

                      • @halil23: I own an xbox one x and I've bought my 2 brothers each an xbox one s. We're all getting a series x.
                        So we're more than making up for your boycott.

                        Sony's main competition is xbox you're stupid if you don't think so.

        • Since you're not in a hurry, wait for the Black Friday deals to get a PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro. The HDD is also very easy to upgrade. I have the original PS4 and you can literally change the HDD in 5 minutes. I think the Slims have a 1 TB hdd so that's probably enough for most people.

      • +5

        You missed Bloodbourne. One of the best games I have ever played on a Playstation console (second to only GoW)

        • +1

          Yeah I didn't add it because I haven't played it

          • +5

            @driew: Not only that but also :
            Tearaway Unfolded
            Horizon Zero Dawn
            GT Sport
            Ratchet and Clank
            until dawn
            Knack 2
            Shadow of the Colossus remake
            Detroit: Become Human
            The Last Guardian
            Gravity Rush 2
            WipEout: Omega Collection
            etc etc

            obviously he probably haven't played them yet but what he truly (and everyone else) missing out on is PSVR and it's plethora of amazing experience games like my personal favorite platformer of all time which is Astrobot!
            This and driew's handy list is also for peeps who are new to PlayStation!

            Happy gaming y'all

            • +4

              @halil23: Got to love Tearaway. But it's that much better on the ps vita!

              • @Dreamcast: Really? Only played the PS4 version even though I've got the vita version as well!!! Then I'll probably gonna have to play the vita version after I beat the PS4 version.

                BTW, I really REALLY hope Sega release a Dreamcast mini in the next year or 2.

                • +2

                  @halil23: Yeah, it's better on the vita as touch inputs are implemented. For example, in certain parts of the game, you place your finger on the rear touch panel and you see your finger come through into the game.

                  I could only wish for a Dreamcast mini, but I doubt it. Sega do have a big announcement on the 4th of June. Let's hope it's not another anti climax.

                  • @Dreamcast: Interesting.

                    Sega said they have an "revolution" announcement to make, Dreamcast Mini doesn't fit that criteria…sadly

            • +2

              @halil23: Great list halil23. I second:
              - infamous second son
              - until dawn
              - detroit: become human
              - horizon zero dawn

              Forgot about those. The rest I haven't played so can't comment. If I could only have one console this generation, it would be the PS4.

              • +2

                @driew: I see you're into action/adventure games? If so, you need to play Shadow of the Colossus remake, The Last Guardian and Gravity Rush 2 whenever you can!

                • +1

                  @halil23: Thanks for the recommendation mate. I'll definitely give those a go!

                  • -1

                    @driew: That money you waste on uselessbox should've went to those mention games instead… >_>

      • Hell of a lot great games there. No doubt these classics will be remastered at some point to push the PS5 hardware

      • +2

        I'd recommend a cheap second hand PS4 or PS4 Pro.

        The first gen games on the PS5 will look like the current gen games on the PS4.

        Once the PS5 is $300-400 and you can buy PS5 classics for $20, THEN that's time to buy one, maybe in 2-3 years :)

        • -1

          I second this. Pre-covid, I picked up a used OG Xbox One with 10 old games for $160. OG PS4 consoles should be around the same price.

          Or if you don't want to buy used, you can get a PS4 slim for relatively cheap when it's on sale. Personally I don't think the PS4 Pro is worth is extra cash and would rather save that to put towards the PS5 (My TV is rather old and only does 1080p max), though to each their own.

      • Hollykryten is correct. There was an interview with one of the Devs recently where he started it won't have prev gen SOC like PS3 had.
        Ps1, 2 & 3 discs won't work with some titles avi over PSN like current.

        It will launch with support for about 100 ps4 titles which is a tiny amount of its 2.5k library. Expect all main Sony exclusives & some others. All will be supported at hardware level with the ps5 temp downgrading it's chip to ps4 or ps4 pro specs to run the game. More will be added post release but requires Devs to update game to be supported. I assume that likely due to the way it does its hybrid ssd storage.

      • Will it have Pokémon or Mario?

      • RDR2 is awsome as well. I don't play online so can't comment about that part but the offline part is worth the money already :)

  • +1

    anyone from ebay said this is happening ?

  • +22

    Isn't the game leaked and has bad story?

    • -7

      bad story or badass story?

      • +12

        I think a feminism lady influenced the game development from reading around info. She is too political and shouldn't be in the dev team.

        • +26

          I can't tell if you are satirising the people who are upset about this or not

          • @get-innocuous: yes. It's bad. Games should be fun NOT politically influenced.

            • +4

              @Wizard: There's no point saying that on the internet - this is where all the weirdos who like politicised entertainment (propaganda) live.

            • +3

              @Wizard: Good games and media can do both.

              Many games do.

            • +12

              @Wizard: Oh no, you were serious

            • +5


              Games should be fun NOT politically influenced.

              Even this post has political influences. You might want to think a bit harder about what about this game has triggered you next time.

            • @Wizard: Fun games should be fun.

              TLOU is not fun. Goddamn it is good but the reasons why do not include fun.

              I really hope you don't think it's fun

            • @Wizard: V For Vendetta was a brilliant movie & highly political
              Schadenfreude-esque for a progressive like me

        • +5

          Is this satire 😂 I can't even tell anymore

      • +17

        Holy shit, so many people in this thread saying that the internet is upset because of the LGBT/SJW themes in the leaks. Have these people even watched the leaks themselves?

        Part 2 is shit because they butchered the characterisation of Joel and Ellie

        • -1

          Have they really? Like you've seen the whole story? Or is it bad enough that you don't need to see everything for it to be damaged beyond repair? I'm gonna be so bummed if it's really that bad. Love TLOU…

          • +3

            @Valowick: The whole game isn't leaked, just videos of someone playing through + some major cutscenes.

            I don't want to spoil it for those who actually might enjoy it, so let's just say that bad-ass Joel is a wuss in the scenes that have leaked.

            • @sblash: Though that event is enough for a lot of people to cancel the pre-order or not looking forward to playing it. There is this other post which is somewhat interesting. I wondered if the ending about a certain someone from a certain group returning is real or fake, and if that's true, it has the potential to keep people wondering about maybe a part 3?

            • @sblash: Thanks for not spoiling it. Hope there’s damn reason for Joel being like that. He is an unstoppable one man army with crazy determination and a chip on his shoulder. How do you mess that up?

              • +2

                @Valowick: By a transgender male to female / cross dressing millennial

                (depending on your politics)

      • +12

        Bad Story.

        The Last of Us II is (judging from the leaks mind) very disrespectful to the first game and it's characters. It's very subversive and cynical. It's not the sequal that fans of the first game expect or want, it's almost the opposite.

        I'll tell you now - alot of the marketing from Sony is blatantly false.

        • Correct. Don't ruin a game and characters we loved and ….. spoiler …. spoiler …

    • +2

      They don't use the word fun

    • +3

      It has an absolutely terrible story, if the leaks are true. That won't stop the hype from blind fanboys.

      • +21

        blind fanboys

        Those that form firm views based on leaks and without playing the game are no less blind.

        • DING! DING! DING! We have a Winner!!

        • firm views

          Er, where are they? I said if they're true, not that they are true. I'm guessing you're one of those fanboys lol

          • +3

            @philmarcracken: Er, where did I say you specifically had firm views? I said those with firm views… Perhaps you self identified?

            Not a fanboy myself, just keen to actually play the game and make up my own mind rather than buy into the rampant FUD

              • +3

                @philmarcracken: So…no firm views then?

                Yes, I will likely buy the game and play it, purely because it is a sequel to one of my favorite games. I may like it or hate it. I watched Matrix 2 and 3 and didn't like either, but don't regret seeing them.

                No, I don't believe any of this will somehow make me a superior being.

                • @suburbanmale: I am much the same as you in terms of loving the first game but will wait for reviews. Something I should have done with the hot garbage that was Matrix 3 (Neo as Jesus was awful).

                • @suburbanmale: you are a piece of shit for buying a video game that i dont like!!!! (hello i have a lot of self-awareness i am angry gamer (i also haven't even played but it's THE WORST GAME Ever!!) )

        • +4

          Great comment. You can't judge until you've played the game. Personally I'm getting the game because Naughty Dog have made great games in the past such as Last of Us 1 and the Uncharted series. I know that some may be boycotting because of the atrocious working condition of game devs but that's actually a problem in the industry and not limited to Naughty Dog only.

        • Those that forgive companies just because they like them are called fanboys

      • +1

        Honestly, based on the leak, it has a shocking event, and most people feel that's gone too far.

        However, when you really think about it, it's really guys who are upset / mad about the story. I lost the interest on playing it too. But, when REALLY looking at this objectively:

        • Most, if not all of the guys are pissed about it. Sure, we can close a blind eye on the LGB cut-scenes. However, that event (according to the leak) made us angry. What if a guy did that? Would we have be more okay about it? If yes, what does that really imply?
        • The end of part 1, was Joel right?

        Troy Baker (the actor for Joel's character) mentioned a while back: the writers want you to experience the story from Joel's point of view and Ellie's point of view. We cannot be sure the writers have failed based on the leak. However, the leak has succeeded in getting people quite emotional prior to the game and already forming their own judgement. Let's wait for the reviews 1 week before launch. Most reviewers have seen the leak materials prior to receiving their review copies.

        Will be interested to see how the reviewers feel. For people who couldn't resist and seen the fragmented leak, is the experience going to be ruined??

      • -1

        I'm guessing that all the people crying about the leaks are the same who couldn't make it through the first season of Game of Thrones, despite it being one of the greatest shows of all time.

        • GoT is shit sorry

          • +1

            @philmarcracken: I think it's pretty good but does get progressively worse. S8 however was absolute trash.

            • @driew: Its days of our lives with gore, tits and torture. Jaw snapping yawn

    • Didn’t the End Game leaks also have bad feedback?

    • +4

      Lots of gamers upset because of too much feminist/LGBT themes. And also some people are really angry because the female protagonist has small boobs and looks like a boy. If a bit of LGBT social justice doesn’t bother you then it looks awesome.

  • +5

    my little ellie has grown up so big wipes tear

    • +1

      Grown up and sussin by the looks of it!

  • +4

    Omg it's been 7 years since the first game came out….

    • No way…..

      • Feels like yesterday for me.. where the heck did the past 7 years go?

    • I still remember when it was first revealed like it was yesterday!

    • I'm glad I replayed the Remastered version on PS4 so my memories are fresh for the second game.

  • +4

    Wonder if Amazon will do a price match on the day

    • +2

      That was my thought as well. If they do - preorder guarantee kicks in :)

      • How would that work? Never done it before. Considering cancelling Amazon order and ordering this instead, but if Amazon price matches I'd prefer Amazon.

        Edit: Never mind. eBay sold out

  • +1

    Everyone is noticing the 'gone in 36 seconds' part of that article? Don't get too excited people.

  • +3

    I hope this is more than twenty copies…

  • -3

    Duplicate already been posted

    • +1

      It is not mentioned in the title so it is fine to post as a separate deal.

      • The item is not in the title of the original deal and the duplicate deal is active or will be active on the day it is posted. Moderator discretion can apply.…

        The deal can be taken down because it is not active or the day of the deal, but it is up to the mods.

  • +3

    An ebay plus deal that is actually good?

    Hope you have your bots setup boys, will be bought out within seconds.

    • -3

      The last PS4 game deal sold thousands and didn't sell out… This won't be one of those 60 second deals

      • +2

        That was Doom eternal and they only had around 600 copies and did sell out after a few hours.

        This on the other hand, is one of the most anticipated games of the generation.

        It WILL go in a few seconds!!

        • +1

          The PS4 did sell out eventually, however the Xbox version did not. If they have 600 copies of this game however it will give plenty a good crack at it

  • +6

    I was gonna skip it after the leaks despite loving the first game… but at this price I'm very tempted.

    • +13

      Yes it's sad how they had such a great thing and then ruined it…

      It's funny how 'they' always seem to take over established successful series, whether it be movies or games.

      Hey, if you want to put all your bs politics in some form of media that's fine, start from scratch and see if it will hold its own on its merits. Don't try and catch a free ride on an established franchise then ride it into the ground… That's my opinion anyway.

      Last of us 1 was probably one of my (unexpected) top 3 games ever… But this one is looking like a cancelled pre order now.

  • +1

    What's the game about or compares too?
    I think I own the first one, haven't played it yet. I bought like 20 games, only played WW11 so far! Haha

    • +6

      Didn't know there's WW3 to WW10, I must have missed it

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