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Swann SWDVK-855804B2D 4K Security System with 2TB Hard Drive - $1099 (Was $1599) + Delivery or Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


Swann SWDVK-855804B2D 4K Security System with 2TB Hard Drive

  • 4K Ultra HD (8MP) Resolution
  • Night Vision
  • Weatherproof Cameras
  • Works with Google Assistant

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  • Nothing against Jb or Swan but Hikvision and Dahua are far better and reliable systems.


    • Hikvision and Dahua owned by CCP. No thanks.

      • What's the difference between the USA owned devices your currently using?

        • USA is a free country where companies can choose weather they will allow the government to install backdoor into their (eg. Apple) systems where as the CCP owns the CCTV company and can force them to install a backdoor.

          USA has better data privacy documentation in terms of lengthy details and transparency (eg Arlo). Whereby they can be investigated if they are mishandling user data. In contrast to China documentations they are blurry on what they will do with users and if found in violation of stealing user data the CCP would give no [email protected]#t. (eg. Eufy). Many of the cheap Chinese camera still don't support 2FA.

          From personal experience. Most Hikvision and Dahua have a master password or password generator available online. This allows anyone to watch your video feed and if your device is unsecured it will most likely end up on those CCTV scraping website. (Basically a search engine like google but instead of links to website they are live CCTV streams.) (Note: Always disable the admin and root accounts)

          China's obsession with back doors are also the reason why USA and Australia are beginning to remove Hikivision cameras from government buildings and hospitals.

          However, If you just want to use the CCTV offline then those cheap Chinese one are good to use.

    • That Dahua system is an extra $350 on top of this Swann.

      Any feedback why you would pick the Dahua system?

      The usage would be for a work environment ..


      • Yeh there's a pretty big difference overall in quality and functionality but the main is that the Swan uses outdated BNC connections compared to the dauha ethernet ones is better recording formate

      • steer a mile clear of Dahua. We had an 8 ch system. Lost multiple cameras just outside of warranty. Operating system on the DVR / NVR is terrible. Connects to 3rd part apps on your phone - most of which look to be designed the ugliest way possible.

        You see HikVision a lot on commercial buildings. You see Dahua wherever someone has made a good sales pitch. Steer clear. Ive used the swann operating system, on a 4k system, and it was miles ahead of Dahua. Chinese firmware on 90% of the systems here which are grey import, and also the ones that aren't are usually installed by shady overpriced distributors.

        Look for a POE system - power over ethernet, you will get all the cables as Cat 5/6 coming into the NVR. This system might have the old BNC connectors.

    • Haven't you tried reolink one? In my personal experience app is more user friendly and heaps better support considering aftersales. System price is also cheaper than swann and hikvision

  • Stop looking at me Swann!

  • what about Swann Enforcer 6 Camera 8 Channel? $549 at kogan? any reviews?

  • If your going to get any camera get the ones with the highest res. 4k version is best out of the Swann. IMO. Having said that it's also about a buyers budget. BNC connections. It works, but a pain to install.

  • Are Swann going back to BNC rather than POE, cutting costs or a mixture of reasons?

  • looks like it is gone already?