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100GB for $28/Month Sim Only Plan for The First 12 Months, No Contract @ Circles.life


Credit: Reusing most of the content from this deal by CroCop

Originally 100GB for $38.
Using code: "DATAFRENZY" reduces cost to $28/month for maximum 12 months, then reverts back to $38/month after.

This equates to 3.57GB per $1, while competitors offer in the low 1GB per $1.


Critical Information Summary

Ends on 8 July, 5pm AEST.

Note: Referral Code also gives you (and the referer) $10 off for 12 months (contrary to what ozbargain says)
Use that instead to help out a random ozbargainer
look at the comments

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$10 Bill credit for referrer, referee (new signup) receives $10 monthly credit applied for 12 months.

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  • Referral Code also gives you (and the referer) $10 off for 12 months (contrary to what ozbargain says)

    Use that instead to help out a random ozbargainer

  • Terrible company. Even $1 is too much

  • You can also go through ShopBack as the code is listed

    • After checking CR again, it appears CR has increased their CB & have approved the code!

  • I've been on this deal for about six months. Coverage is fine. I'm home all the time now of course so don't really need the data, but $28 isnt much

    • It is when you can get Kogan sims for $5 40GB which comes to $12 for 100GB if using data only and you can chuck in a new sim when the other is used up.

      • I think a key point there is 'if you are using data only'. Also there is the hassle of switching sims etc, especially if you are churning your phone number. To be honest, I'm probably going to switch to one of those long term cheap plans just so I've got a phone number and a little bit of data for when I occasionally venture outside in Plaguetoria

        • That's what I said for data.
          Hassle of switching sims? Couple of minutes for saving $16? That's $192 saving in a year. I don't know about you, but that couple of minutes is well worth it.
          Since it's only for data, it doesn't matter it is a new number every time.
          Still I am using one main prepaid sim and another that is just use it and throw it in my phone.

  • They’ve been perfectly fine for me. Came from Telstra 9 months ago and its been good. Can’t beat that price.

  • Heard they do credit check even to get this no lockin kind of deal, Wonder why

  • If you're not worried about the number. It's good for internet use. Although, Amaysim appear to be more accurate with their data usage meter.

  • I'm using this provider for around 2 months, good coverage, a lot of data, but sometimes very slow speed, I believe the average speed is 10~15 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload, just did a test right now, full 4G signal 19.6 Mbps down / 6.17 Mbps up

    • sometimes for a good period of time it is 2 Mbps download
    • I'm in Perth and with Circles on this plan and I get around 90Mbps down minimum and 25Mbps up minimum. So I don't think it's a Circles thing, maybe just an Optus in your area thing.

      • I tested in Sydney CBD, and in two other different neighborhoods, one 20 minutes (north) from the CBD and another 1 hours from the CBD (south-west), the south-west is even worse

  • Yeah I was all in for this deal then 2 days I switched back to Telstra. The speed is just not usable. I think after a few months will port our then port into boost

  • I've been with them and had no problems, though am located metro. Just ported out on the last jb hi fi gift card deal though so will see if the recurring billing people have mentioned is an issue

  • Be careful when activating with these crooks. The first month is pro rated and the $10 discount DOES NOT apply. Effectively the first month is full price if you activate early during the month and the $10 discount only applies towards the next 12 months.

    • Yeap just received my first bill = $53 (on this exact $28 sim only deal and with the extra $10 discount on the second month).

      "I signed up with DATAFRENZY promo code. Why is my waiver missing in the Invoice?

      If this is your first bill with us, your first bill will include two months of charges (pro-rated charge for the first month and advance charge for the second month). Your waiver will be applied only on the advance charge in this case. So it's normal to see one waiver instead of two in your first bill.

      If this is not your first bill and you don't see any waiver. Please reach out to us and we will help you to settle this."

      • I just signed up too and my bill has the $10 applied to this month (pro ratad) and next, so might be worth contacting them to fix this for you?

      • Is this mentioned in the Critical Information Summary for us to know BEFORE we sign up to this?

  • No dramas here been on them since the start of the year, never see below 70/20 speeds at the worst times.. have seen up in the 200s I also dont port out every 5 mins like oz bargainers here so my experience is probably different.

  • Last month of their old promotion (100Gb for 6 months) and they are working out data on 20Gb a month. Time to leave.

  • Signed up with them last month. I know they use the same Optus network but I've found it to be great reception compared to when I was with Optus (specific areas are now 4G instead of none).

  • Optus network for anyone interested.

  • Cashrewards are currently offering $13 cash back for new Circles.Life customers - stacks nicely with this deal: