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[iOS] Free - The Book of Mazes - 1st Person Maze Game @ Apple App Store


Hi all,

Just wanted to share my iOS maze game app that I launched last year. It's currently free with an optional pay what you want in-app purchase. I'm planning on making some changes an possibly putting a price on it down the track, so if you like this kind of thing, grab it while it's still free.

This app was my first venture into mobile apps and game design. My learning project if you like. I made it with the idea of it being relaxing to play while listening to podcasts and audio books on bus / train commutes.

I hope you enjoy.

PS. Sorry android crew… I just haven't got there yet.

App store description:

The book has you now!

Walk the pages of The Book Of Mazes. Can you find your way out?

The Book Of Mazes is a calm, and thoughtful first person perspective walk through a procedurally generated series of mazes.

  • Simple swipe to turn control system.
  • Can be played one handed.
  • Mazes increase in size as you progress
  • Unlock new chapters
  • Collectable magic ability will view the maze from above
  • Use an ethereal compass to navigate
  • No frightening content or scares
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Original music composed by the developer

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  • Grabbed it. Thanks!

  • Hey, nice app. Could you make it compatible with the iPhone Joystick protocol (i.e. Nimbus) ? It would be super cool to play in VR

    • Thank you! I'll check it out, joystick would work well. I've added your suggestion to my "to do" list. I think you're right about VR. Also something I'll look into. I don't have a VR set up at yet.

  • Quite a well polished game. The only feedback I have is about the controls. If I'm automatically walking forwards and there are multiple options to turn right and I want to take the middle option, I sometimes overshoot or undershoot my mark and end up taking the wrong turn which can get annoying as I have to make a u-turn and try again.

    Is there an option to just have left/right buttons to press rather than having to swipe, something akin to pacman.

    • +1 vote

      Thank you! Thanks for your feedback on the controls. I agree the controls I've implemented are frustrating when you miss a turn. Added to my "to do" list.

    • Hi blurn
      I found that if you swipe down you slow down or swipe up you speed up, if that helps.
      To TriggerHappy it's been fun so far. 👍

  • downloaded it, not bad! great work and all the best:)

  • Thanks Op and a good app!

    Since this is a one handed game - would be great to have an option to play in portrait mode. Not super comfortable to play one handed in landscape mode with the phones these days.

    • Good point! I'll look into that. I don't see why I couldn't get that happening. Thanks for your feedback! :-)

    • The only problem with being in landscape mode is you wouldn't have any peripheral vision to see what turns there are. Or the view field would need to be really shrunk and you'd be looking at a lot of sky to keep the same amount of stuff to see on the sides

  • I love it.

    But either a bug or haven't found the right control - if you go into the menu (hamburger icon in top left) in the middle of a game, there doesn't seem to be any way to return to the game besides starting the level again from the levels menu.

    • +1 vote

      Oh no! That sounds like a proper bug. I'll add that to the priority list for the next update. Thank you!

  • nice one OP I wish you the best, one dev to another (although my game is shit compared to this lol).

    • Thanks very much Andard. You know the pain that goes into this stuff then haha! Best of luck with yours too. Send me a link if you have it published and I'll check it out. I love seeing what other creatives are making.

    • (although my game is shit compared to this lol).

      Why don't you post it here and let us be the judge?