Knipex Pliers Wrench (86 03 180) 180mm - $90.48 Shipped ($81.38 w/Amazon Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Edit: just for clarification these are the Gen 2. They differ then Gen 1 by
* Laser etched jaw markings.
* Handles are satin vs smooth.
* Metal handles are thinner but have less flex.
* Jaws have wider range but has larger gap between the handles.
* Lighter weight approx 30g lighter

Lowest price I've seem them go for in a while. These Knipex Pliers Wrench are a fantastic tool that replaces a number of tools.

This 180mm sized version has jaws that can accommodate nuts and fittings to approx 34~mm in size.
I my case replaced a entire set of spanners and gripping tools.

I usually have these in my toolbag or bike kit for portability.


*With narrow gripping jaws- for fastening/loosening situations requiring a slim tool
*Fast adjustment by pushing a button directly on the work piece and replaces a complete set of spanners
*Parallel jaws allow infinitely variable gripping of all widths to the specified maximum size
*For careful installation of finished-surface components and also tile breaking
*Lever transmission greater than 10-1 for strong gripping power

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