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Knipex Pliers Wrench 7” 180mm $54.38 + ~$10 Delivery @ Amazon UK via AU


Being looking for lower price and found this.
Note: this is new edition
Cannot add UK listing to cart directly (not in available sellers list). From mobile browser or pc browser, you can select the combo dropdown and add to cart. Scroll down until you see "Frequently bought together". Deselect the other ones and add to cart. Price should reflect $54.43 for the Knipex 86 01 180 and show Shipped from and sold by Amazon UK

Frequently bought together

For some reason, amazon uk listing cannot be selected directly from buying options.

  • Pliers wrench 7” 180mm($54.38)
  • Pliers wrench 10” 250mm($68.51) (Try this if you cannot see this price, logging out of amazon and then add to cart before logging in, thanks [seb])
  • Cobra 7” 180mm($31.41)
  • Cobra 10” 250mm($37.04)

Cashrewards 7% and Suncorp 3% eGift card
Shipping is $10 for single item, slightly cheaper to buy multiple, $15 for 3.

Credit to pegasusx
This is the black edition, no prime free shipping, the one from pegasusx is chrome finish.
Pliers Wrench patent from Knipex is expired, other German brands are making clones, I.e. wiha (only 2 left, be hurry if you want. And 2 for $46, now $106, a lot cheaper but made in Vietnam, review not as good as Knipex, adjust mechanism, detailing and jaw depth. But it is German brand, definitely better than Bunnings home brands, worth considering if don’t want to spend too much)

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