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Castrol Edge 5W-30 A3/B4 5L Engine Oil $36 @ Repco


Good engine oil for decent price.

Ofcourse not the best price of 2$ OzBargain :-)

Click and Collect available.

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  • Does anyone know if Additional discount for RAC member's applies?

  • Also: Nulon Long Life Performance 5W-30 Engine Oil 5L $29 (55% Off)

    • While the oil viscosity and oil type may be the same, the oil specs are completely different. Oils aint Oils.

      • I'm largely ignorant to that fact as my vehicle doesn't have any special requirements. Are there any engine oil websites to compare the specs?

        • Unless you have a Euro that needs an ACEA A3/B4, VW, BMW or MB spec oil then the Nulon will most likely be a better buy for you.

          The Nulon is API SN, ILSAC GF-5 and GM Dexos 1 Gen 2 (plus a few other specs) and this will cover most of the Australian, American and Asian cars that require 5W-30 oils. As always, use the lube selector linked to above and refer to your vehicle's manual to confirm.

          Personally I have been using Nulon 5W-30 oil in my V8 Caprice and have not had any dramas (but have not done oil testing).

    • This here is the real bargain in this thread! Thanks for sharing, will check how much is left in my garage and then stock up! Rarely goes cheaper than this!

  • This oil is only API SL hence only suitable for cars made up to 2004. The Nulon oil referenced in the comments is API SN and is latest spec.

    • How does that reconcile with the description on the label: "suits modern direct injection engines without DPF"? I'm a Nulon buyer in any event but quite interested to know.

      • The fitting of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) became compulsory during the introduction of Euro 5 emissions legislation introduced in 2008

    • No it isn't. A3/b4 is sn equivalent.

    • This oil meets all sn requirements but exceeds the phosphorus limits on sn specification. The phosphorus limit was put in place more as an limit on emissions and not on engine oils protection.

      • Yup, if more Zinc is added in the form of ZDDP, phosphorus levels also go up. More phosphorus, also means more anti-wear additives if everything else is equal (of course there are now other anti-wear additives which are non-zinc/phosphorus based). Downside is that they are not so good for the environment as it can affect the effectiveness of the catalytic convertor.

  • cheers mate OP thanks

  • Thank op purchased one

  • SCA offered the same for 35.99 1~2 months ago, combined with 10% off SCA egift cards, cheaper (limited to 2 per customer only though).

    But this is seriously good deal from Repco, grabbed 2 for the daily mule.

    Castrol Edge 0w-40 @ 62.99 (SCA last month) seems to be the best price I've seen in a while…

  • Ofcourse not the best price of 2$ OzBargain :-)


  • Anybody else having issues in cart? Not sure what I'm doing wrong but on my phone it isn't applying the discounts to either this or the windscreen cleaner deal.

    • Nevermind, jumped on the PC and it refreshed my cart instantly. My phone must have had some blocker stopping it from applying although I don't run any background apps and haven't had this issue in the pass. shrugs

  • This stacks with their new promo ending Thu 16/07 - got 2 bottles of 5w-30 for $27.12 each