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Sonos Beam Wireless Soundbar - White $539.10 Delivered @ Myer


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    Just be careful that if they cancel the order, you are stuck with the gift cards

    • WTF? Is that legal?

  • Anybody got any experience to recommend which is better, the Sonos soundbar and sub or the Bose 700 soundbar and sub?

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      Got the Bose 700 setup a month ago. (Soundbar + sub + rear speakers). Sounds great. Have no experience with Sonos soundbar setup apart from comparison at store. Harvey Norman had both set up side by side. You can check them out.
      Remember they are only soundbars and not a 5.1 home theatre.

      • Thanks for that. Which Harvey Norman store did you see them both on display?

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          At Chadstone/ homesglen vic

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      I got both set up. If you like really big and strong bass, and you use it for movies, go with Bose. If you wanna balance both movies and music, go with Sonos. Beam and sub is perfect and slightly better than Bose 700 and sub in my opinion

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      Connectivity Sonos wins. Sound Bose wins.

      If have cash to spare Arc is brilliant.

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      I had a Beam before I upgraded to an Arc. I would say that the Bose 700 sounds far better than the Beam as a standalone product. Not sure how they compare with subs as I haven't listened to the Bose 700 with a sub enabled.

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    Cheers for the share OP. Not the best price for Sonos stuff from past experience but still it's something and can stack with 10% off deal.

    Lots of stock is limited or sold out however.

  • Sonos Sub is Gen1 and not the latest released Gen3

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    Argh, I’ve been waiting to grab one of these since I missed out on the deal on the Black Friday sales last year where it was $450 odd.
    This is close enough for me to Pull the trigger normally but not sure with Myer in the place that it is right now if that’s safe to do so.

  • I just nabbed the Move.

    Bought Myers 5 x $100 gift cards from my local Woolies. They (I just randomly happened to be speaking to the manager) were unaware of the 10% bonus, and called it a scam.

    I bought the Myer cards anyway. No indication of the bonus at the Woolies checkout.

    But when the gift cards were added on the Myer website 10% is added.

    $649 Sonos Move for $534. I’m happy with that. 18% discount.

    Only a few left (Moves), so hurry.

    Fingers crossed the order is honoured, I don’t want $500 of Myer gift cards refunded.

  • Just received my notification saying that it's ready for dispatch and will be collected by Auspost in the next day.