[Unobtainable] Crucial P1 2000GB 3D NAND NVM PCIe M.2 SSD - $100.29 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Please note this Amazon listing most likely has a typographical error and you may not receive a 2000GB Drive. See related comment

Original OP description:

Might be listing error.

Select 500GB option, product title shows 2000GB and product number is CT2000P1SSD8

Not sure if they will honor it

Or maybe I will receive a 500gb one then I'll just return it back

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  • Yeah you're just gonna get a 500gb since that's what is selected. I guess you could argue and possibly get some store credit for the mistake though :)

  • yeah in product description it lists as 500gb model CT500P1SSD8 and size500gb

    • Yes, Title said 2000GB and Description said 500GB, hmm…risk it and get store credit?

      Also, why does the title say "TechData Crucial P1 2000GB 3D NAND NVM PCIe M.2 SSD, CT2000P1SSD8", what the hell is TechData.

  • Arriving Wed, Jul 15
    Track package

    TechData Crucial P1 2000GB 3D NAND NVM PCIe M.2 SSD, CT2000P1SSD8
    Sold by: Amazon Commercial Services Pty Ltd

    lets see how we go

  • Put an order in as well. Let's see what happens.

  • Good luck arguing your case…

  • Ordered…see what happens.

    It's not exactly a rocketship speed wise though is it….

  • You look at the other selling it and they are all descibed like that yet have an image of 500GB one.

  • What are Amazon returns like?
    Really don't need another SSD unless they are large (like 2TB)

  • +2 votes

    Description says Crucial P1 which in the table lower down only comes in 500gb and 1TB so don't think there's much chance of 2000gb…

  • Amazon Australia dont have any 2TB in stock, so good luck trying to get a 2TB NVME!

  • Although its ts fun arguing with Amazon support guys but is it really worth traveling to post office for $10 credit?

    • +11 votes

      For people on this website I would say yes

      • +1 vote

        Yup. Most of the people on this website place little value in their time.

        • 5 mins walking to post office for $10, seems a bargain

          • @superuser: it's not end to end so technically not 5 mins. it's 10 mins return.
            there maybe a queue in the post office, good luck waiting.
            it's another 5-10 mins to talk to Amazon rep, generate a return slip.
            another 5-10 mins checking multiple times to see whether the return has been processed.

            I'll spend my time on other better things.

            • @spriggy: Not to mention you could also walk into some idiot coughing and sneezing without a mask …

            • @spriggy: Why spend 5-10min talking to rep? Just wait for item to arrive, see that it's the wrong one and then go to your order history and click to return it. I guess if you want a $10 voucher you need to speak to rep but I agree not worth the hassle.

              • @Agret: hehe you just answered your own question :)
                that's what people are saying they want to do, hit up the Amazon rep for a $10 credit.

    • I bought this deal, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/546458 , where Amazon sent a used drive. I spoke to Amazon Support and they offered me F-all for their problem. I had to spend more than 10 minutes taking it to be posted.

  • no chance getting what you did not pay for.

  • Eh, I'm in.

  • I’ll play

  • I actually ordered from this exact listing last week wanting the 500gb version for the ~$100 outlay. Looking back at my order history it does indeed say 2000gb, and has the 2TB model number. Didn't even realise this discrepancy.

    Received the package yesterday, sorry to say it's the 500gb that was sent.

  • Enjoy your $10 credit.

  • Good luck arguing your case with Amazon support, it's getting quite rare to actually get what you want from "mistakes" like this.

  • I am in! just getting one.

  • Amazon will say "sorry! please send it back for a full refund". Alot of time about to be wasted.

  • Brought one the other day. Looks like a 500Gb version might show up (Was doing the Amazon UK Glitch) And thought that's too good must be an error. How hard is it to return something if the 500gb shows up?

  • nah, how could you think this is valid

  • maybe try to price match it with ebay?

  • Can't be bothered.

  • Dunno if I should take a chance, it clearly says 500 GB in the product information technical details bit.

  • They probably meant something like 2000MB/s

    1. Order one from Amazon US, one from Amazon AU.
    2. Wait for both to arrive, be patient, don't rush to open the first package when it arrives.
    3. Ask your dog help you open the packages, come back later.
    4. Oh my! One of them is only 500GB! It must be from the more expensive order.
    5. Return it as wrong item received to the more expensive order.

    That might be the only way for you to get a 2TB one for $100.
    Disclaimer: Don't neg me, I don't even have a dog.

    • I don't understand. What if (most likely) you get 2x500Gb?

      • If you pick the $480 one sold by Amazon US, I think you will have a much higher chance of getting a 2TB model.
        Dog: woof woof!?

      • He's saying to order a real one from Amazon US (AU is out of stock)

        • My imaginary dog tells me both are real and legitimately 2TB, just like what the invoices will say.
          Jokes aside, if you do order 2 identical items at different prices and one of them is faulty, I think most will return it to the more expensive order rather than trying hard to figure out the faulty one is originally from which order.
          Might be more "morally correct" but unless you are 100% sure of their identity, you are not morally wrong either.
          So for my thought experiment, if you didnt open them personally and your dog is unfortunately unvocal, even if you are 99% sure the 500GB came from the cheaper order, there is still a slight chance for the other possibility. Therefore you can legitimately and proudly(?) return it to the more expensive order.
          In reality, I am pretty sure Amazon wont even care and just send you a refund.

          • @truetypezk: In your thought experiment how would you contend morally with the fact that you'd mixed up the two orders on purpose in order to possibly gain from doing so at the expense of a large corporation that may pass on costs to other customers as a result? Just out of curiosity…

            • @donamique: In general we are not morally responsible for the actions of others notwithstanding they are consequential to our own actions. Big corps choosing to pass on certain costs rather than forgoing their profits is their own decision which we should not be responsible for.
              Just like if you punched me randomly on the street, causing me to have a really bad mood and went home to punch my wife. You should not be morally responsible for my domestic violence.
              I have forgotten pretty much all my philosophy stuff learnt in college, vaguely remember it has something to do with free will?

              • @truetypezk: So a parent who abuses their child who in turn abuses their own child, has no responsibility or connection whatsoever for their grandchildren being abused? Isn't this the cycle of pain?

                Shareholders require return on equity which can be achieved through top line/expenses. When expenses start to grow they arguably start looking at ways to increase revenue such as raising Amazon Prime costs etc

                This is notwithstanding the fact that mixing up the two packages on purpose goes against the virtue of honesty in virtue ethics…?

                Just as a thought experiment I'm not trying to take the moral high ground because I face a similar conundrum

  • Decided to cancel my order… don't feel like going through the returns process…
    Good luck!

  • I think you have less than half a chance of getting a 2TB model.
    Meanwhile you'll be short $100 until you return it. You'll have to go though all the trouble of returning it too.

    • On the other hand I think you have 0 chance getting a 2TB model if Amazon AU doesnt even stock it.
      If you do passby the PO frequently then using a credit card and spend 10 mins for $10 credit might not be a bad deal.

      • You think it takes 10 mins to return a package. You are overly optimistic. The whole return process gonna take hours of your time.

        • Have you ever returned something to Amazon? Takes like 5 min to login, bring up the order and hit to refund it. Then you print a label and stick it on to the package and take it to a parcelpoint pickup which most chemists are, just take it to the prescriptions desk and drop it off when you are going to supermarket next.

          I have returned a few things that were not as described or stopped working in a short timeframe and it's never taken me hours.

          • @Agret: See too many step. They do add up. Usually it takes 10 mins to drive to post office, stay in queue to get a receipt of lodgement.

            Keep the lodgement receipt in case item gets lost until Amazon confirm goods received. Stress does not worth $10.

            Some may not have printers, printing and packaging supply and fuel is added hidden cost.

  • Same typo mistake on 500GB drive sold by Amazon US but for $95.91.
    Imagine the $10 store credit and return shipping per order for Amazon.

  • Listing mistake aside, is $100 a good buy for a 500GB nvme ssd?

    • I think its a good price for 500GB NVMe

      • Yeah it isn't bad if you need it. The P1 isn't "the best" NVME SSD by really any standards but it's good and from a reputable brand so I'd say if you were waiting to just grab it.

        • It's not "the best" SSD but it has dram cache and is reliable, you won't notice any difference in daily use between it and a more expensive nvme. The biggest downside to this drive is that it uses QLC memory, for the price you are much better off with the Kingston A2000 which has TLC and costs the same (it's cheaper than the P1 at centrecom funnily)

  • ASIN is B07J2WBKXF which is 500GB, you're not going to get a 2TB drive. ASIN is all that matters when we're looking at Amazon's inventory system.

  • Selection is 500GB, not gonna get 2TB.

  • If people are doing this for the $10 credit, that is useful only for items shipped and sold by Amazon. Like Alexa devices

  • Wow, i shop at amazon regularly and see this everyday… On all sorts of good. But there usually a dropdown menu for selecting exact skus, and not relying on the title screen.

    Good luck. You wont get what you think you ordered.

  • Lol unable to cancel order…..

  • Ok, I called about the order and got $10 credit and they cancelled my order, payment showing pending on CC, but it will go away they said.

    And Yes, credit only works with item Sold and shipped by Amazon.

  • Got a $30 credit, worth the trip to the post office