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Wolf Blass: 6x Grey Label Shiraz + 1x Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Malbec for $114.01 @ Dan Murphy's (My Dans Members)


Re-iterating for those that are still confused:
Add 6x of these
Add 1x of this

And you should get $114.01 total price

Thanks @Snikeron for the write up.

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  • Coming to $149.70 for 6 here in Syd, and the additional bottle is charging the regular price.

    • Oh yeah that link worked for me. Thanks.

      • +4

        That link showed $134.01 for me in cart.
        Doing it in singles per OP got $114.01 for me.
        Just up the grey label quantity to 6 in cart from this link and the price drops to $114.01.
        Great find OP.

    • You're better following the ops directions, works out better value.

  • Thanks ShinK0. That worked a treat for me, and hopefully it gets honoured next! +4% Shopback.

  • +1

    "My Dan's Members receive a bonus bottle of Wolf Blass Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Malbec x1 (valued at $99.90) when purchasing 5 bottles of Wolf Blass Grey Label Shiraz. While stocks last."

    • A deal is a deal. =P

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      Reporting this to ACCC, bonuses should be free, not $0.01.

        • +7

          Nah mate you missed the sarcasm

          • +1

            @poshjimmyxo: Nope,same user then queried below about the $160 deal but with one less bottle? The -6 voters were the ones who missed my sarcasm.

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              dyl: Reporting this to ACCC, bonuses should be free, not $0.01.


              MODScuba: LOL, why don't you just pay the $160 as per the original advertised deal for the bundle. Link was shared earlier by dealsniper. Perhaps you'll be a happier man with your bonus then. Good luck with the ACCC.


            • @MODScuba: My comment was not at all sarcasm I'm faking this to the high court this is fraud

              This comment isn't sarcasm either

  • +1


    This was $160 with one less bottle previously?

  • Link + 1 bottle worked for me thanks. Can't wait to pick up and drink.

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    Thanks OP, great find.
    Re-iterating for those that are still confused:
    Add 6x of these
    Add 1x of this

    And you should get $114.01 total price

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      Thanks mate. I stole your write up. =P

    • Hmm I'm getting $180

      • +1

        I wasn't logged in was my issue. All good now.

        • Ah! Yes same for me too. Ordered. Thanks OP

          • @Archaleas: Logged in, tried multiple times, but coming up to $194.19 for me. What am I doing wrong ?

            • @Big Cat: Hmm I did it on my phone and worked well, my steps were

              1. Click first link above (within this comment thread) which takes me to Dan Murphy
              2. Add 6 bottles to cart
              3. Click back to get to ozbargain and click the second link above (cart remembers and retains previous 6 bottles added)
              4. Add 1 bottle to cart
              5. Log in
              6. Profit
  • Thanks, order confirmed

  • Gottem. Thanks!

  • +1

    Thanks OP!
    I love how big companies cut costs and outsource IT.
    Third party IT technicians always do a great job for consumers! :D

    • If I had $0.01 every time a company saved $100 per day only to lose $100k later on…!

  • +2

    Thanks ShinK0, I got the 5+1 deal posted last week for $149 which was a pretty solid deal but this is a steal. Ordered and work as directed.

  • Thanks for the generosity, OP! Best wishes mate

  • Thanks so much and ordered!

  • Ordered! Thanks op.

  • +3

    Thanks. To remind people…you need to sign up/log into as a Dan's member

  • +8

    Morning all,

    Along the same lines, just order 10 greys and 2 blacks for a grand total of $213.82 (less than $18/bottle). Happy days!

    • Oh chit no you don't! Don't make me spend $100 extra please!

    • Same, but took the extra $14 for two extra bottles. $235 for 12+2 :) delivered

  • I am desperately trying to get my wife to send me her DM membership login details so I could order this!

      • Will do.This is a blessing in disguise. The extra few minutes delay lets me buy the 2 packs as posted by Damo76 above.

        • +3

          The above pack isn't 2 packs it's 10+2 the original deal is 6+1. The 10+2 deal is good though as you're getting 2 of the more expensive wine.

          • @ynotrekab: Oh yeah, I gotcha! Thanks. I actually wanted to try the $99 wines more than the $25.

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    This is the first time I've purchased a $99 bottle of wine, thanks op. I hope I hate it LOL.

    • +1

      You know what's better? We literally purchased the $99 wine for FREE! LOL!

  • Thanks, order confirmed.

  • +2

    Cracker deal. Locked and loaded at this price. Cash rewards of $3.99 and a discounted Woolworths gift card (5.7%) made the deal even sweeter.

    • Pro.

    • +2

      Here, I am handing my OzBargain licence in. I forgot Cashrewards!

    • +1

      shopback has 4%

  • Thanks op. Ordered and confirmed, picking up today.
    Awesome find.

    • +1

      There is a good chance this will be treated as a pricing error and all orders are cancelled. I had to change a few store locations to ensure that the $99 wine is in stock for pick up. It's still at the "Picking" stage after the order is confirmed and tax invoice emailed.

      • -2

        No, not price error. They run this deal regularly. Stock level is prob their issue.

        • Really? Wow, that's great to know.

      • +2

        Just checked order status. Says picked and ready for collection. Fingers crossed there won't be any issues on pick-up.

        • That's great! I am still waiting for my to tell me it's ready for collection.

  • Great deal

  • Got it!

  • -1

    Just got a paypal refund from DMs after i received a tax invoice…

  • Thanks. Too bad they charge $6.90 for delivery but at least I won’t have to queue up at my local store now.

  • How long can they be stored for (not in the bladder, of course)?

    • Years - probably safe with ten

    • +3

      Just ask your butler so he can consult the sommelier whether the area of your wine cellar they’re stored in is at the right temperature, humidity, and not much light. If so, you should be able to store them for a lengthy period.

      All jokes aside, most reds will store well for several years if kept at room temperature or slightly cooler, and away from direct light. Certainly long enough for you to gradually work your way through a case over many months. These days the majority of them are under screw caps so cork taint isn’t a problem and it means you shouldn’t need to lay them down to keep a cork moist. Some people argue completely sealing the wine off like that will affect how they age but the only way to know for certain is put two bottles of the same wine away for a decade with different closures on them and then test. I’d say most regular people wouldn’t want to wait that long.

  • Awesome buy!
    Jst nabbed 2 lots.
    Thanks heaps OP

  • Bought 10 mins ago - received orders ready to be collected email.
    Thanks Op :)

  • Got 2x lots, thanks

  • Ripping deal - ordered.

  • cracking deal - so ordered

    thanks OP

  • Thanks!! Ordered!!!

  • +3

    Great deal grabbed 12 + 2 free.
    I was just thinking to myself it's been a while since a great wine deal popped up on here. Nothing could rival the great 3 for $36 st Hugo's at liquor land but this is a great deal. I've never had a $100 bottle of wine in my possession now I will have 2

    • it's only $99, so look out for even better deals in the future.
      BTW, you can pay $210 for 6 RRP $150/btl here or $240 for 6 of this $120 wine

      • Can you post what these mystery wines are, if you know, so each person doesn't have to search?

      • thanks for the tip. I am a bit dubious on the true original value of the wines you suggest.

  • +2

    Thanks OP! nabbed 12+2.

    Just hope I (well, the MRS actually) don't get used to wine in this price bracket. Otherwise I'll be coming back to neg the deal.

    • there're many good wines at <$20, you dont have to pay $99 for a bottle to get the same satisfaction.

      • Genuinely Interested to know which $20 you suggest.

  • Just picked up in Brisbane and contactless customer service person said they have about 60 orders. Happy drinking thanks again op.

    • Holland Park?

      • Yep

  • +9

    Just went and collected.

    Girl calls out to the collection person:

    “It’s another one for Wolf Blass.”

    Took a peek in the room, there were quite a few there for collection.

    Another person was collecting the same deal at the same time.

    A knowing OzB glance was shared.

  • +1

    Stopped working for me as i was searching for stock.

  • +1

    Followed instructions. Got the $114.01 price. Added delivery and price suddenly went to over $200. Emptied cart, tried again, price was again over $200. Maybe they’ve worked it out?

  • +1

    Looks like it just got fixed.

    Edit: Looks like the intended deal was 5+1 for $160, could still be of interest to some:


    Also same link as above by dealsniper

  • Alas it's not working any more … Cracking deal though OP !

  • Damn it, had it in the cart but got distracted for 5mins.

  • +3

    Yeah, I think it's fixed.

    Was logged in, added the 6x then the 1x as per the OP.


    Continue Shopping
    Total Promotional Discount-$110.85
    Subtotal *
    (inc $17.65 GST)


    • I'm also getting the same, seems like they may have fixed it.

    • It is now properly doing the 5 grey + 1 black for $160. So when you add the 6th grey it goes to $194.19

  • omg, i miss it

  • Pricing is tough. Computers and stuff. Not sarcasm.

  • Yep, I'd say it's fixed. It's been taken offline now (reporting out of stock).

  • I ordered for pickup from a local store that only listed having 5 of the greys in stock, so I would need to pick up at a later date.

    Pickup date was selected for next Saturday 16 July, I confirmed order, and paid.

    I really hope my order doesn't get cancelled. Is Dan Murphy's usually pretty good at honoring things like this?

  • +1

    Getting$160 for 5 + 1, Gillies Plans SA

  • +2

    Logged in, tried multiple times, but coming up to $194.19 for me. What am I doing wrong ? in QLD

  • +1

    Picked up :) used contactless collection in attempt for less scrutiny. Good luck all

  • Picked up, no dramas

  • Thanks OP could only proceed to checkout with a delivery order also no stock of the Black Label in Sydney distribution center got notification of additional 2-4 days for delivery. Only paid $120.91 with delivery.

    Looks like DMs have fixed now, must have got one of the last orders before being fixed as I checked back 5 minutes after I ordered this morning but final price now comes to $194.19 for the 6+1 bundle.

  • Ordered last night. Pickup ready today! ta!

  • +3

    My insomnia has its perks… got 2 packs at 4am

  • +2

    Came up at $180 for me. Logged in and price increased to $194. ☹️

  • looks like i missed it..it's back to original advertised price.

  • -2

    Worked as described. Thanks!

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