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Kingston 1TB A2000 NVMe SSD $165 Free Shipping @ Centre Com


decent deal of 1tb NvMe ssd for $165 free shipping @ Centrecom.

It got 8% speed gain from new firmware, according to techpowerup review.

** Information about This SSD into Macbook/ Macbook Air: This SSD working well in macbook/macbook air with right adapter.
Here is the sintec adapter which I used in my mba, Sintec Adapter for (A1466) USD$8.99 disk benchmarks result on mac

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  • Nice, I got one last week @$180.99 from shopping express

  • Also this price (not including shipping) at UMART. I think I might buy it from them instead, so I can pick it up asap.

    Seems like a pretty good deal compared to the Crucial P1 - similar speeds, but vastly better TBW (on par with samsung products). Don't quote me on this but I think the Crucial is QLC, versus TLC on the Kingston.

  • Juicy TLC like chicken.

  • I had tons of trouble with one of these on a new build last week. Random BSOD while running, then booting to bios and not seeing the SSD at all!

    Not sure if SSD or MB port is at fault, plugged in a SATA SSD and all good.

    • did you check afterwards if that m.2 slot supported nvme?

    • Had a very similar issue with a crucial nvme, would just do boot loops to bios and not see the drive after a random shutdown. This was in a laptop though and I think it was heat related. In any case, swapped it out and haven’t had any new issues with a new Samsung nvme so it was the actual drive. Did you fix your problem or have to replace the drive?

    • I heard there was an issue with Aorus Engine and this SSD.

    • Yep can confirm, BSOD. Not showing up in bios. Need to return it for refund.

      I wouldn't bother with the headaches.

      • For me it's the write speeds which are hot garbage, dropping every 5 seconds. However when I put it in my laptop it's consistent, I guess it's either my motherboard (has no issues with other drivers) or the SSD firmware.

    • Are there any RGB softwares running on this system? That's apparently one of the common factors, linked to stornvme.sys and RGB.
      Now I'm having 2nd thoughts about this drive. Should I cancel and wait for another NVMe SSD offer instead?

    • Yeah same here. Only happened in one MB though, so hard to lay blame. Otherwise works remarkably well for the price.

  • I tried everything I could think of. Didn't have a spare mb or ssd to test both individually so just swapped it out for a SATA SSD I had on hand and no problems.

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    Just be aware that Centrecom's customer service is worse than Telstra's.

    Last week they had me on hold for 3 hours and 20 minutes.

    First and last time I ever buy from them!

    • Can confirm - made a purchase from them and decided to return it, called them 3 days after it said it was delivered and they told me they had to ‘get people at the back to look and to wait 1-2 days’. I called them at 2 days and got told to wait, long story short this went on and I had to make a consumer affairs complaint - 17 days after receiving my item they said they had found it and would do the refund, it took another 5 days after they to receive it.

      Every call established how badly their processes are and how horribly they fail at customer service.

      I will sit in a cactus before I ever buy from them again.

  • For a bit less you get a lot more

    Evo plus atm for $10 cheaper


  • Hav mine installed in a x570 MSI ace board, perfect so far.

    • Using an Asus Prime X570-P/CSM and working well. Thinking of getting another.

    • I want you to try something, can you copy the biggest file you have within the drive and see if it ever freezes or dips during copy? Mine does it and it seems to even be hurting page file performance.

  • decisions decisions

  • The 500gb is $92 delivered. Maybe I’ll pay the $1.10 extra for PayPal.

  • Thanks OP
    Very Tempted….