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Bonus Amcal Giftcard (Up to $400) for New Members Medibank


Amcal and Medibank have joined forces to bring you this exclusive offer! New Medibank members who join eligible combined hospital and extras cover, using promo code ‘AMCAL’, could receive:

• An Amcal gift card - $400 for families and couples or $200 for singles

• 6 weeks FREE

• Your 2 & 6 month waits on extras waived

Must quote promo code 'AMCAL' before July 2020

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Referrer gets $100, Referee gets 4 weeks free.

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  • Just switched to Medibank 10 days ago…

  • Worst regret, If you have been with another provider, please consider carefully before switching. I was with Bupa for 4 years, I was deceived a few times by Medibank employees. I lost my accrued benefits and additionally, I was lied to by a second Medibank staff who had no idea and told me I had 2.5k limit for a treatment when actually I only have $200 because I lost all my benefits in the transfer. With this knowledge I bought a 2.5k treatment and when I went to claim I ended up getting $99 because they wouldn't let me claim the yearly limit in one go. Basically I got $99 for a 2.5k treatment.

  • with Bupa now and the premium has been paid up to November. Is is possible to cancel the Bupa policy and get premium refunded? Thinking of switching to Medibank.

  • tthats a good deal but I just switched to Bupa for 6 weeks free and $50 ecard. If this comes back another time, I will do it