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[Mac] 4 $0 Games - Day of The Tentacle / Full Throttle / Grim Fandango / Broken Age (Remastered) @ Apple Store


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    OMG, I think I just died of nostalgia!

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    First time I've ever been jealous of Apple users :(

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      Seriously, I'm now thinking of installing Hackintosh OS on my PC

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        Won't work unfortunately - can't get hardware GPU emulation to work properly without extremely specific hardware. Broken Age complained that OpenGL wasn't working.

        At least you can 'buy' the games in the app store though, for later

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        Let me introduce you to

    • VMWare .. =)

    • With the price apple charge, you could buy hundreds of copies of DOTT etc and still save money, no need to be jelous.

      I ran DOTT on a scumm emulator on my windows mobile 10 years ago, was the first time I actually finished the game.

  • Nice post. Thanks!

  • Is there a reason why these have gone free ( not at all complaining :) )

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      Cos they're 30 years old?

      And where's Sam 'n' Max?

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    Wow the entire macOS game library is free!

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      Made free by Microsoft, no less.

    • That’s not entirely true is it.

      Edit: I got the joke now =p

  • I got DOTT and GF on PC, but luckily I also have a Mac. Good times!

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      Did you ever play 'Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis'?

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        Yes, one of the best adventure games ever! I really want a remake of this (there was a fan-made one in the works, but got shutdown).
        Really enjoyed 'The Dig' as well - super atmospheric.

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        Yes I love that game.. I had it on the Amiga and got stuck in a cave … This was pre-internet, I never got out!

  • Nice find OP

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    Full Throttle is such a classic, thanks OP! And finally I may be able to finish Grim Fandango this time :)

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      GF's puzzles are still obscure yet devilishly clever. Try to avoid walkthroughs and hints even though it's right at your fingertips!

    • Full Throttle is great…. Completed it on the PC back in the day. A bit too easy though compared to some other LucasArts adventures.

  • Thanks heaps!!

    About time Mac’s got some free games from the store. Hope there’s more to come but I won’t hold my breath hahaha

  • Anyone found a way to sign up on the iPhone for my next logon to the Mac??

    • you might need to borrow a mac … or visit an apple store and use theirs.

      • Bugger.
        The Mrs is broken/offline and needs tlc.
        Ahhh well hopefully they do this again sometime.

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    Great deal! All of these games have been upgraded to work with Mac OS Catalina very recently; I wonder if that has anything to with the promotion? Here's hoping the rest of Double Fine's catalogue go free for a while once they're updated too.

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    highly recommend DotT

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    Only missing Sam and Max.

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      And 'Secret Of Monkey Island'

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        Ask me about LOOM

  • I literally bought full throttle in iOS this week for $8. :(

  • Rarely so we see something exclusive for the MAC.

    Although has in the past given away Full Throttle remastered and Grim Fandango remastered free for PC users.

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    Super deal, and for Mac as well! I miss the old Lucas Arts studio, they didn’t have a really prolific output but the games they did create almost always became classics.

  • Need to wait for the iOS version to go on sale

  • Thanks! Came here for Full Throttle. I can finally not finish the game like I didn't finish it all those years ago!

    • But this time you can not finish it in high definition!

  • Another +1 for DOTT!

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    Wow - flashing back to DOTT, Sam and Max, X-Wing franchise. Lucasarts titles were so good back then.

  • These are the games that are owned by Microsoft.

  • Loved DOTT! Such a classic!

  • Strange when I searched and tried to "Get" the games it didn't work but it did work when I clicked on the links above…

  • Guess I'm too late?

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    Bugger just missed out after gettign to work where my Apple is. sigh.

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