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[NSW] Aashirvaad Atta 10kg $11.79, Tata Salt 2kg $1.29, Daawat 5kg $9.79, Sunflower 5lt $9.99 &More @ Patel Brothers Harris Park


Hi Fellow Indian cuisine lovers,
New Week, New Deals

Patel Brothers Supermarket Harris Park (www.PatelBrothers.com.au). Last week's deal link

They have started super special weekly items from last week onward. They have started developing their online platform and will be at www.PatelOnline.com.au To get the deal update visit website & check facebook link or insta link from the website.

examples of some specials for this week are as:

Aashirvaad Atta 10kg $11.79
Tata Salt 2kg $1.29
Bournvita 1kg $10.49
Taj Classic Rice 5kg $14.39
Britannia Bourbon Biscuit 390gm $2.49
Saurbhi Sunflower oil 5lt $9.99
Spark Bhakhri Flour 4.45kg $7.99
Dawaat Everyday Rice 5kg $9.79
Parle Frooty Mango Drink 2lt $2.69


Currently these items are in store only.

They are launching their online platform on PatelOnline.com.au so letting people know these cheaper price will be a regular when they launch online store next month. The prices will be as Direct Import to Public Prices without middleman charges.


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  • There is an Indian store in Glendenning on Richmond Rd.
    Is it Patel or Radhe ?

    • Radhe /670 Richmond Rd, Glendenning NSW 2761

      I've only been to Quakers Hill.
      We have a couple of small stores in the NEwcastle area. Raj's Corner would be the best, but they need to expand.

      • +1 vote

        PatelOnline.com.au will start delivering including Sydney, wollongong, New Caste with best price but it is still in development.

        Different stores have different prices so with online it is better & easier to check & compare prices. Sometimes in store prices are better but if you don't visit the store you can't see the savings. Like last week we had India Gate Classic Rice 20kg was for $67.99.

        We are in Harris Park.

        • New Caste

          Looks like your autocorrect might have been shaped by recent conversations.

  • Anywhere you can get Atta for this price in Melbourne? Prices have increased significantly post Covid.

  • Anything for Melbourne? Those are some really good prices

  • As far as I know these are really good prices.

    True that post lockdown, the prices were really high.


  • OP, what is your stock level? I live far from Harris Park, so wanted to make sure if I will get the item I want, after driving all the way there..


      At the moment plenty of stock. More will come on Tuesday so plenty of stock. If any issue or inquiry or even if you want us to hold stock for you just call the store number 0420987825.

      • I’ve got a question if you can answer ….
        How did you import your Indian produce before COVID ? By air or by sea ?
        Has that Import channel reduced in frequency post COVID ? ??

        • I’ve got a question if you can answer ….

          That's two you asked.


          Import by Sea is cheaper but takes longer time. By Air is expensive but faster.
          Post COVID item availability is still an issue and frequency has reduced.

          Our rakhi range are coming by air & will be available from probably Tuesday onwards. And the price will be 30% to 50% cheaper than others. We will publish the price and range photos.

  • With the online store, do you plan to ship to other cities, such as Canberra??

  • What’s the price for India gate premium basmati 20kg and 25kg ?