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Apple Homepod for $298 @ Officeworks


Buy it, own it, stream it, love it harder better faster stronger ;)

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  • It’s been this price since March

  • I’d love to get a third one but was hoping for a crazier price

    • Apparently a new HomePod mini is coming out at a significantly lower price with newer internals, maybe the price or normal HomePod might go down, probably would as it is a couple years old now.

      • Rumours at the moment. And they've been going around for months now. Given the current covid crisis, I reckon Apple will hold off on a new model until next year.

      • A mini version will never have the same sound quality compared to the full size one.

      • Apple and Significantly lower price cant be together, I own Apple products.

      • Lols Apple never sell you new things that is cheaper and superior quality. Unless it’s a SE version of the speaker.

  • I bought one recently at this price and am super happy with it! Sounds great. Would not pay $470 odd from Apple though.

    • Mind you I came from google nest minis. Recently switched to Apple. Happy with it all so far. And the mics are great, can hear me even over loud music

    • Yeah true, HomePods sound amazing, hope you enjoy yours

  • finally got sold out in my local store, there were 5 few weeks ago.

    but you can still get one from hn i think.

    • Jbhifi might be able to price match they’ve done it in the past, worth giving your local store a call

      • Doesn’t seem to be online at JB, but if it’s in store definitely should be able to price match + still use current extra 5% off coupon + discounted gift cards

  • Next update opens up other streaming services as default, solid speaker for this price. Very happy with mine.

    • Again, these are simply rumours. Nothing has been confirmed.

      • support for third party streaming services has been confirmed in the most recent Apple Keynote - I may have jumped the gun on setting them as default though, we don't know how it will work yet.

  • +10 votes

    I have had Bose and Sonos And this Apple HomePod is way better then both

    • I had a Bose soundbar (the 300) and agreed, I don't know what Apple do with these things but the hardware is top quality.

    • What?
      What Sonos day you have?

      • Sonos play 1

        I bought these to replace the Bose which I found that the Sonos was a better speaker overall in terms of sound and other stuff

        After I found out that Sonos started to not support their products after a period of time, I decided to sell them for the HomePod and I’m soo glade I did. Sound is a lot better and if your a Apple person like myself, it makes life easier too

  • Do they work with android devices..?

  • Going to be replaced soon I think, rumours of a smaller Homepod

    • Well, they are going to make it cheaper so I guess the parts are not going to be as good. Besides, there is a good chance that the new cheaper HomePod will cost about $300 in Aus anyway.

  • Buy it, own it, stream it, love it harder better faster stronger ;)

    Agree with everything above but not sure about the 'better' part. Perhaps better as a speaker but as a smart speaker, Alexa and GA are light years ahead with near flawless voice recognition, massive ecosystems and with a much more advanced skill set.

    • "flawless voice recognition" - my google home max does not respond half the time when I am directly standing in front, the homepod on the other hand has never missed a command even when I am speaking to it from another room.

      • I second this. Having come from google nest, the HomePod is far superior in my opinion.
        Your use case may vary though.
        Cost is another question, however…
        but the quality of this particular speaker is second to none.

        • Not sure about you guys but I've got Echo Dots — if I call out in one room with the door closed, loud enough, the one in the loungeroom triggers.

          GA is nowhere near as good at recognition.

    • flawless voice recognition

      I have hub max, hub, google wifi. It fails sometimes

    • Google Assistant is superior, no question - it understands >44 languages - no Esperanto yet :(
      Alexa is made for connectivity & requires some tuning.

      Bixby is master in Korean & needs more training in English (less exposure/training, since majority still prefer Google on Samsung).
      Siri is the dumbest, considering the age & exposure of training.

      The real challenge is how they compare in other languages as English is not the comfortable language for the majority of the humans. https://www.globalme.net/blog/language-support-voice-assista...
      None of them understands Esperanto, as the language of future AI communication among the Robots/chatbots/humans.

      • Still can’t beat the sound quality and sensors from Apple. But that is clearly not what a smart speaker is. Lols

  • Everthing is good except I can not justify the price in front of my wife, especially we already have multiple nest smart devices….

  • As an apple fan, I’m not gonna buy it.

  • Great sound quality and impeccable voice recognition! I thought someone was breaking in and yelled “hey Siri, turn all lights on” from 3 rooms away all the lights turned on instantly (Philips hue smart lights). Turns out it was just some dishes falling off the sink…

  • Looked good until I found out it only works with iPad and iPhone and only works with Apple Music. That's just sad even for Apple

  • I have Sonos speakers through the house so have no real need for this, but I don’t know if I can resist, seems a really good price.

    White not available online, appears only black left.

  • was considering it but then realised you can't even use this as bluetooth speaker which mean I can't use these with my mbp, airplay don't count, and it's still doesn't work with spotify? too many restriction with not much upside. Maybe wait till PodOS 15 when they let you use it as bluetooth.

    • you can use them on macbooks, i even use it on my old mac mini.

    • Just bought a second one so that I can have stereo pair - mostly used over AirPlay from my Mac mini to play contents of my iTunes library (ripped CDs). I can also select the HomePods from iOS Spotify. AirPlay has much better coverage than BT so not sure why you want to insist on only BT

      • How is it as a stereo pair? I’m thinking about getting a second one.

        • Sorry for the late reply!
          I like it as a stereo pair - gives the room more oomph and richness - can go pretty loud with out too much distortion, and easily heard from the other side of the house and even outside, if you need to have it that loud!
          Plays mostly nicely with HomeKIt though it doesn’t always carry on in the morning from where I pause it at night.
          Happy with it

    • Fair enough if you want a bluetooth speaker, but AirPlay is much better than Bluetooth if you have wifi available - Lossless streaming and better range, more reliable connection

  • Very nice as I use Apple Music daily

  • Still loving my apple iPod hiFi dock 😂

  • Just got my third HomePod recently! Sound quality is just awesome, and I combine them all with a Sonos system via Airplay to get a 'whole home' sound system. Highly recommend!

  • I hope the HomePod 2 is even bigger.

  • How is this a deal again??
    Been $299 for ages at all major retailers

  • I'm an Apple fan and I don't own this product. I couldn't justify the price tag.

    I'm very happy with Echo Plus (2G)'s sound and recognition. I got it from last year's Prime Day sale at $114.50. I'm hoping it will go in sales again later this month's Prime day.

    • Same here and I also have Echo on each room and I find that drop in and announce quite useful with the reasonable sound quality. I’m eyeing for Echo Studio once it goes on sale.

      • I find the Studio is much bigger than HomePod.

        Also another deal-breaker for me opting the Echo is the Smart Appliances. Apple Homekit is limited and SUPER expensive. Whereas the latter has way too many options and cheaper!!!!!

        • Apple, Amazon, Google and Zigbee have joined forces so hopefully this will be better in the not too distant future:


          As for Amazon Echo's Drop In feature etc, I agree. Right now you can't even broadcast a message even if all of your rooms had a HomePod in them.

  • Scooter!!!

    It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice


    I have three of these, paid similar price for all of them (none at RRP). At $300 I think it is excellent speaker for the price point if you’re in the Apple ecosystem and use Apple Music.

    Siri does what I want but I agree other personal assistants do more if you want that, I only really use mine for music which it excels at.

  • I’d rather buy two of the Ikea Sonos speakers for the same price - I know they don’t have microphones/assistants but that’s a good thing IMO

  • Been considering the Homepod for a while now, is it worth waiting for the new one? Rumours suggest it will be a budget version of this… Still on the fence about it.

  • I would use this much much more frequently if Siri understood classical and jazz album names better. Sound quality is almost as good as my dynaudio bookshelf’s when two paired in stereo mode but I always have to initiate play from my phone unless some simple command like hey Siri play classical radio etc. Any specific album names forget it

  • Managed to score one for under $200 a while back. Still haven't used it haha!