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Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner $1299 & Bonus $100 Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi ($1199 Price Matched @Harvey Norman)


Today I saw that JB Hifi have a deal on the Dyson V11 Outsize. While its still $1299 you get a $100 JB gift card (ends 12/7). Cool, but there are none in Geelong so I asked Harvey Norman Waurn Ponds if they'll match it (as I knew from yesterday they had 27).
YEP! They sold it to me for $1199!!!


Here's the receipt from Harvey Norman
Dyson V11 Outsize

First time poster so hopefully I got it right

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  • Price and Store?

  • Dyson V11 outside

    How does this model go compared to the "Inside" one?

  • Not really a bargain…

  • I use my V6 outside on the concrete after I wash it down to give it that last tough of added cleanliness…

    However, I wish Dyson would allow people to simply buy the bristles as they simply slide in/out of the channels as buying anything more is a giant waste and its only the actual bristles that need replacing.

  • JB would probably give you 10% off this if you asked in store. I've had them give me 5-15% just by asking and then using discount gift cards to get it even cheaper.

  • Screw Dysons current pricing. No deal until RRP is sensible.

  • You paid too much by choosing to purchase through Harvey Norman instead of JB Hi-fi.

    You could have asked JB to do a store transfer and save 5%
    with their coupon code that expires today and still get the $100 voucher and also saved more with discount 5% gift cards through Sunrewards (just open free bank account - we created 3 accounts in my house to get around max $500 per month giftcard purchases restriction)

    = 10% off $1299 to $1169.10 plus you would also have gotten a $100 JB giftcard.

    You basically paid $129.90 more by going to Harvey Norman (if you factor in not getting the $100 JB Giftcard)

    • All good points, but I got it today (which was important) and they would only discount it $30 yesterday.

    • Excludes Apple Products, Gaming Consoles, Dyson, Mobile Contracts, Miele & Asko Agency Products, Dell Built to Order, Prepaid Cards & Gift Cards, Pre-Orders, Extended Warranties & Delivery.

    • Your hindsight is 20/20 but you should have told him this before he made the purchase…

  • It is a vacuum cleaner and it sucks

  • Well this or Aldi $100 ones every year for the next 12 years… Hmmmmm

    • The Aldi one is a good option as long as a friend has the Dyson so you can occasionally borrow it to get the remaining dirt or when the Aldi one stops working….

      • Nah… Aldi one is good. Been using it since 2016 in a carpeted place. I am sure Dyson is way better but Aldi one also gets the work done. When it stops I will go buy another one.

  • For that kind of money you are better off getting a proper machine.. Bissell 2066F Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner

    Performance wise the Dyson doesn't hold a candle to this thing and your still ~$500 better off in your pocket.

    But if you want the Apple of vacuum cleaners then Dyson is your brand 👌😅

    • Although a great machine, I think the use case for each is a little different…