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[VIC] Free 49" FHD TV with Telstra Port-in $65 Per Month Plan for 12 Months @ The Good Guys, Melton


Please be kind as first time posting a deal. Came in store to collect an online order and saw this deal advertised. Ending today but got a couple of hours before store closes.

Free 49in Hisense Tv model #49S4 worth $595 if you port into The good guys telstra $65 per month 12 month plan. Min cost $780 over 12 months

Review shows as decent tv for bedroom or if used as a second tv for home.

Not sure if it is in all stores or store specific deal please call your local TGG stores to find out.

Offer Ends today 12/7/20


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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    good deal

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    Not bad if you were after a TV. Still think I prefer the voucher offer instead.

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    Came in store to collect an online order … The Good Guys (Melton Branch)

    Aren't you in lockdown?

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      Aren't you in lockdown?

      If the store is open you're allowed in because its "essential"

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        & this is the reason vic is in lockdown

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          Do you know what he's collecting from the store? Do you know why he needs to collect it? Do you even know…? Maybe it's all essential? Maybe he needs a milk warmer for his 2-week old baby? Do you know?

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            Do you know what he's collecting from the store

            A case of corona i'm guessing… or is it 'vic bitter'!

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              @Zandz: I’m not from VIC but what’s the point of giving them grief about what’s happening…it could have happened in any state. We’re all in this together

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                @veritas_mendax: Because asking them nicely to stay home didnt work.

                The number of fines issued in vic far exceeds any other state, and articles like this top the news mutliple times a day.

                They can join the party when they clean up their act.

                • @Zandz: Generalisations about a whole population based on a few bad actors are very dangerous..

                  • -3

                    @veritas_mendax: So is getting your escape van bogged at the border.

                    If you want to segregate good victorians from bogan victorians, thats up to you - but the figures show there's more bogan victorians than anywhere else in Australia, and the mindset of the bogan victorians is why the place is in lockdown again.

                • +2

                  @Zandz: You've made it pretty clear you have no idea how the outbreaks started. You've become so obsessed with attacking Victorians that you didn't even bother to check what happened.

                  To help you understand, it started with the Cedar Meats outbreak. There were almost no cases before this. People who worked there took it home to their families, who then took it to their places of work (without knowing they were infected). Then restrictions were lifted. Things escalated. People were permitted to have family gatherings and they did. In the midst of it there was the hotel quarantine outbreak.

                  Ultimately there's probably less than 10 people who have definitely done the wrong thing leading to where we are now (some in quarantine may not have even been Victorians). There might have been more, but there doesn't need to have been for it to get to where it is now. People were permitted to go to work if they couldn't work from home. If spending 5 mins at JB picking up an item will spread the virus doing a grocery shop would do the same, another permitted outing. Once restrictions started to be lifted they were allowed to visit friends and family. Restrictions should not have been lifted in Victoria until it was under control.

                  Just because Victoria police fined more people it doesn't mean there were more people doing the wrong thing. It was obvious from the start that they were aggressively fining people.

                  • @Miss B: Victorian Police issue 133 fines in 24 hours to people breaching COVID-19 lockdown … LMFAO

                    Dan Andrews pleading with victorians "Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire would continue as long as it needs to … but it need not be there for a moment longer than absolutely necessary if everyone simply follows the rules and does the right thing."

                    Today you've got 1524 'contact' cases - that's 1524 victorian's doing the wrong thing..

                    • +2

                      @Zandz: You're being wilfully ignorant. That 1524 people includes people who caught the virus before the first lockdown even started. It includes people who went to work as permitted. It includes people who contracted the virus when restrictions were lifted. I knew there was no point trying to reason with someone as far gone as you, but I tried anyway, that's on me. I'll leave you to it.

                      • @Miss B: It also includes people from other states travelling from abroad into Australia via Tullamarine. Looking at you, South Australia.

                    • @Zandz: Look everyone, it's virologist Zandz!

                      Annoying side effect from the pandemic: everyone is an expert. From the couch potato to the celebrities preaching from their Jacuzzi, cigar in mouth, that everyone should stay home.

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          Wasn't this the same in every other state during lockdown 1.0?

      • I'm in Melbourne CBD but there is an item in Bunnings Geelong that I need. Can I still go there?
        Also, there's a buy-one-get-one-free burger in Westfield Doncaster which UberEats won't deliver. Can I drive there for food?

  • 80gb per month?

    • +1

      Seems to be 40gb telstra and bonus 40gb tgg bonus per month

  • Excludes Telstra Pre-paid, Boost and Belong customers

    Too bad I'm with Belong for another month.

  • not worth it, join jb hifi telstra plan, get $400-600 credit to spend money on WHATEVER u want 4k tv, switch, phone, etc..

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      TGG also have the option for taking a $400 gift card if anyone is not interested in the tv.

    • +1

      $400-600? There is only $400 gift card offered for $65 plm plan

    • Not sure where you're getting your extra $200 from?

      • 2 year plan gives you 600$, not sure if its available anymore but it was a readily available option when i last check pre contract signing most recently

        • Hmm. You said it yourself, 2 years.

          Thats the deal that's not worth it, not this TV deal.

          You could speculatively get $800 of gift cards for 2 years locked into Telstra if you switch out in between 12mth deals, or you could get close to $400 cash for this TV brand new still boxed.

  • Can you still cancell the plan straight away from it and pay $390 still?

    • Should be fine

  • Im not 100% sure but im guessing we can. Best to call the store to confirm.

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    I thought tv's were always free in Melton

    • What’s the problem in Melton? Curious.

  • Anyone know if the ETC is still $390? Could be a cheap way to get a 49 inch 4K tv lol

  • +3

    Note its only 1920 x 1080. Considering you can get really cheap 4K TVs these days that's probably better than this, it isn't as good as it seems (imo).

    • Might be an option to take the gift card and get the Philips 4k 50' for $420 from tgg commercial site

      • tgg commercial

        Does the gday thing still work?

        • +1

          What's the gday thing? You can get access via superfund, unions, or usually some employee benefit partnerships