ID-COOLING SE-224-XT CPU Cooler $35 + Delivery @ PLE Computers


At this price its a no-brainer. There's nothing that even comes close in terms of cooling performance until you hit the Hyper 212 Black edition.

Should be good even for a 10700k.

If you want something better than a stock cooler but also don't need the performance of a Noctua or CLC this is the cooler to get.

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  • Hmmm well there is the snowman that can be had cheaper

    • How long is shipping approximately atm? Haven't bought from AliExpress for a while

      • On their free shipping I'm getting thing between 5 to 7weeks. Somethings have come within the month

      • I just bought a snowman cooler a few weeks back and its still in transit but all shipping is a bit slower now.

      • I've been waiting for over 2 months. I used the complaint form. it tells me I have no right to complain until 3 months…. they are complete trash compared to amazon.

      • I've been refunded for a number of items after waiting over 3 months .

    • TYC's review shows it lagging behind a H212 Evo (albeit quieter), whereas this should in theory perform much better (6 degrees of difference between this and a H212X).

    • 48dB isnt much anyway… like less than a running refrigerator at 1m

      sure it seems a lot compared to the 33dB of the best cooler but if you're in a typical office environment or you have headphones on then this is a non issue

      • i would consider 48db near unbearable these days

        for silent build the real trick is to adjust your fan settings and trade noise for temperature/performance, these noise benchmarks are pretty meaningless as it just depends on the fan and how fast its spinning. the fan on my cm 212 was pretty noisy at low rpm so i replaced it with a quieter fan, its spinning at like 600rpm so silent, cpu goes up to 80c peak but idc, same with my gpu i just run it at like 60% tdp that way my fan is near silent lol…

      • It's not acceptable in 2020 if you can buy another cooler and not have to hear it. and you can


    Do not mention this cooler on the AMD Ryzen Enthusiasts (Official) group on Facebook. You'll get banned, or at least I did.

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